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  1. this is amazing! i’m the one that dresses my boyfriend and i’ve been trying to help him find his style! i’ll definitely send him your way lol

  2. Sir what’s your height ? Please reply

  3. I just stumbled on your page and I want to say thank you. Thank you for being a fellow black male YouTuber helping boys style themselves as men.

  4. Love your style. Impeccable and very debonair. Please give me the details for the hanger purchases. Yeah…I peeped your closet. LOL

  5. Is Asos legit? Are the clothes quality worthy?

  6. Hi, what’s your height & weight?

  7. This is my first time watching a man's try on haul.

  8. Just found this channel!!! Awesome stuff!!!!!

  9. Thanks thinking of buying from them I got there app…..

  10. Did you always get your blazers in Long? Or did you get in long because you sized down to a 40?

  11. Great fit!
    Are most brands true to size?

  12. Just found this an I'm definitely going to buy some turtle necks

  13. Can you make a video for those teens really referring to myself I'm now a sophomore in college and I want to change my look completely from now on to more of a look like travis from superfly professional but with a dab of swag to it p coats and things of that nature but afford able how to make that transition from head to toe haircuts and clothing.

  14. That black leather looks great on you dude lol

  15. Nice stuff man…. I ordered off ASOS like 2 weeks ago and they didn’t even sent me an confirmation email or nth… how do they shipping works man? I’d appreciate it.

  16. What are your height and weight

  17. Enjoyed your video. I was looking for a handsome grown brother to check out. I liked everything you chose, except the jeans. Stay warm and positive black man 😄

  18. Amazing items!!🔥🔥🔥

  19. Bro the black leather jacket made you looking like Ghost from Power lol

  20. Those boots look amazing, but quality is trash, literally the elastic on the side started to come off a couple weeks after i wore them

  21. You looked damn good in that leather coat 😍

  22. im new to your channel and am curious to know what camera your are using. Great video and haul btw.. new subbie xx

  23. You have great taste in clothes!

  24. Good job…not big into names I like fit over style

  25. Love what your doing! Dope fits! 🤗👍😎

  26. Ive searched far and wide to finally find a good black fashion youtuber lol white people ass

  27. absolutely loved the video man, just made my first purchase from them can wait for it to arrive.

  28. Why is there a warning about possibly being exposed to heavy metals and dangerous chemicals before you check out ?

  29. How is the sizing on ASOS leather jackets?

  30. I love the “ugly”/beautiful blazer.

  31. Holds up to the cold ???

  32. Sir, that Jacket is not ugly! That joint is fire. Great pick up. I live in Ohio too, so i know how fierce the winter can be.

  33. Been having a question about ASOS, did you go by their sizing guide? I typically wear a size Medium in shirts 5’9” 135lb. But their sizing guide recommends a small.

  34. Damn you really open my eyes.

  35. What kind of necklace is that ???

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