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  1. You that say Zugacoin is a scam, how far which one you create na.critics everywhere

  2. Today is 02/27/22 and it’s at 1200! No exchange yet but would want a piece tho if anyone know pls respond

  3. As of today the price is $9,012
    So is it still a scam…answer me

  4. wowwww zuca coin 122 dolar buy buy

  5. Zugacoin is listed in trust wallet

  6. My guy go and sleep if you don’t know what to say,don’t come out tomorrow and say is no longer a scam o

  7. Thanks bro…it's truly a big SCAM!!
    Someone was pressuring me to invest on zugacoin instead of Ripple and Eth

  8. Today is November 4th 2021 and I thank you very much for this analysis

  9. Please, you guys that is tackling this video… have you guys made money from zugacoin ??

  10. This video is soo dumb, if i were u, i will delete it asap, because zugacoin coin can be withdrawn now, so if u had sense u would have bought this coin monthd before now instead of making this dumb video….

  11. May God bless you abundantly for this eye-opening video.🙏🙏🙏

  12. Nonsense YouTuber, can you see that zugacoin is not a scam. Mad people everywhere. That's y Nigeria and Africa can't develop so call devil

  13. U are just a big fool. When you see scam, you will be ignorant of . Nonsense!

  14. "Opportunities comes in difficult times that's why most people don't get it"! And those who always feel they know too much, knows nothing!! You are about to be Shamed! But one thing about people who condemn things they are not sure of because it's way bigger than them.. is that they don't always come back to tell people, "Oh, I was wrong"!


  16. 8 months ago you said it's a scam ,I hope that by the end of this year you will still use your mouth to tell people that it's not a scam….. however I also know is that even with this your analysis you have already bought your coin and kept it safe

  17. Tell me you are feeling stupid without telling me you are feeling stupid 😂😂

  18. If you have zugacoin to sell, please message me

  19. aint this coin on 270‘000% up and 160k?

  20. You're just making video in order to make money from your YouTube channel.

    Zugacoin is not any thing scam, very soon you'll delete this nonsense.

    We're making money on the exchanges daily and the maintenance has never stop our trading in the exchanges and we cash out daily.

    Is a shame as a Nigerian that you don't actually know any thing about Zugacoin.

  21. You don't even speak english, I could understand 5% of what you said. And I'm not even being rude, I'm being serious man.

    I tought you were speaking another language at first.

  22. Is zugacoin and wow coin a spam

  23. Well this aged poorly lol

  24. Now it’s $100,000 🤣

  25. I coin that worth $85k and the trading volume is 188k lol scam

  26. It’s scam , you will buy , but you will not see any coin or anything. Scam of Africa scamming African

  27. Is the zugacoin still a scam now, u be mumu, mad people everywhere

    Stop deceiving people go and find good work to do


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