How to Upload NFTs From Your Phone on OpenSea

How to Upload NFTs From Your Phone on OpenSea

This tutorial will show you step-by-step how mint, transfer, and sell your own NFTs from your…


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  1. When u tried to create a collection it tried to charge me $35 to finish setting up

  2. Thank you for sharing the video. Super helpful

  3. Thanks for this information.

  4. Thank you so much :) This hepled mebig TIME!

  5. Nobody is a rocket surgeon 😷🚀

  6. in metamas there is no search engine

  7. Metamask froze on my samsung device, Had to uninstall and reinstall it.

  8. Followed youtr steps, Nope didnt work, I give up

  9. I got all the ay to copying the address (5.15 on the video) but it won't give me the option to copy when I click on 'share my public address..unfortunately like all the steps here you skipped over it a breakneck speed…thanks for the tutorial but it makes it difficult for beginners when you fly through each step so fast…please slow it down to about 25% the current speed and make each step super clear….

  10. Well .. thank you .. but since you do not explain where you press .. this is not working .. no like.

  11. Hackerthonic twited my NFT and 24 hours later i sold it for $5000 and since after then i have been making cool cash consistently from my collection's

  12. why can't i change my profile picture in the normal app? that's so strang of opensea. thanks for the video!!! : )

  13. Do we need any eth in our wallet before we lazy mint our nft? Can our wallet be empty and we can still lazy mint our nft on opensea?

  14. Am having issue my opensea I don’t know if you can help me out

  15. i tried, it will not give ir show create option!!!! aaarrrghhhh.

  16. Thank you SO much!! It took me a second good long time to stop and start watching this to realise what I had to do and now I know what to do! Laptop broke down, waited on another laptop, someone else bought me another laptop – Opensea still labouring – a list of things that stopped me from transferring NFTs so THANK YOU so much for these instructions!!! Can also finally load new NFTs faster now😁

  17. I can’t find the NFT settings in meta mask.

  18. I cannot find create options

  19. I am unable to find the create option. As I use Android. 🥺 Some help plz

  20. Wow i would love to learn how to create my own NFT!

  21. Solve my problem, thanks a lot

  22. I fukin love you man, u herpes me.a lot

  23. For anyone who needs to create the collection you need to scroll down to see the option
    Thank me later 🤝🏻

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  25. How can I draw the create collection doesn’t show nothing ☹️

  26. When I upload my work there is account who mints my work. Is it ok? Please please guide.

  27. oja coin is surely the best

  28. You always making a great job with this info !! Thanks again man !

  29. Whenever I try to put my minted NFT on sale it tells me there was a problem switching the network pls help

  30. name your city your living in?

  31. Investing in #OJACOIN is the best thing to do for yourself because you will make massive income.

  32. Drop your NFTs I'm buying

  33. I was opportune to met Thomas last week for the first time at a conference in Manchester, I invested £25,000 and traded in one month making £300,700

  34. I cant approve my collection for some reason

  35. Please I need someone to direct me on how to create the metamask account through opensea, please

  36. Pls am lost i don’t have any collection, pls can i have collection and also upload

  37. I tried to post a picture on opensea through my computer but I don't seem to get the right size to be able to post it, I'm not sure what the length or width the picture should it be. Any recommendations?

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