How to Start a SUCCESSFUL YouTube Channel in 2022

How to Start a SUCCESSFUL YouTube Channel in 2022

What is a Successful YouTube? Growing a Successful YouTube Channel in 2022 means getting…


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  2. Hey I can have my phone back

  3. I subscribed to this channel because so far you're the most realistic youtuber channel that came up in my feed. I love and appreciate the truth and being from a small island your advise simply hits home. Thank you , I really appreciate and I will definitely be watching your videos. They make the most sense to me 👌

  4. Ooh. I like that "cash over clout"
    Hittum with the bars Roberto…
    unfortunately I've got nothing to teach so I'll have to be going the entertainment route. Got me thinking about binging tech Ted Talks now. Great channel


    Ive had my channel from the start of Youtube, had no direction, for me this was just a place to store video clips.
    Now that i have a direction and Goal do i need to start Over a new channel to help the algorithm or can i just start posting in a niche and be ok

  6. What I struggle with the most of finding a niche. It feels extremely difficult when talking about games as there is so much to explore. Then there is also the challenge of "well, making gameplay videos is fun" when gameplay videos are so extremely saturated. Loved this video though. Super helpful in making life easier as someone who wants to do YouTube.

  7. I’ve been doing this for 4 years and it’s growing. I’ve never been able to stick to an upload schedule though. I do try and upload frequently, about 1-2 videos a week but would I see a dramatic shift if I actually uploaded the same days every week? Or not really?

  8. I am starting an animation channel and is trying to learn how to see how start up.

  9. I hid my channel from everyone. I didn’t want anyone to know what I was doing. Now I tell people

  10. Thank you for yet another educational and encouraging video. I am in it to win it I am here to stay. The best thing I loved was learning that my lifestyle channel can support a variety of Canton. I may still be too broad in my contacts but understanding the niche of a “lifestyle channel” is helpful. I was so excited to get to 1000 subscribers and/but I see I still have a lot of work to do but I’m gonna go on and make 10,000 subscribers my goal. And I’m going to work to study my niche, its culture and viewer behavior, the trending topics, etc. Thnx ~Lottie

  11. 234 videos at least close to 300 subscribers .I can say is really expirement in 1 niches .plus extra expirement in other stuff sometime. im trying to learn how to grow a Twitch channel .I ask a bunch of questions about that platform .For game I can use dead game as expirement. I -wanna-stream more ,

  12. it's hard to concentrate on the video with all the audio sounding like it's being heavily suppressed

  13. Youtube get paycheck for posting ads in small youtube creator's video while the creator itself doesn't get paid!!! so greedy! We work so hard to get pass their monetization qualifications but youtube already get payments from ads they post in the your videos even your not qualified yet lol, what a shit is that??!!.

  14. Good advice Roberto. It's about the long game. I enjoy watching you, Nick Nimmon, and occasionally Brian G Johnson. I have, within the last two weeks, hit the 1000 subs threshold. I had to take a break for a little while, but I'm back. Sometimes reminding myself why I'm here helps. For me, it's not about the money as much as it's about the viewers. I teach camping skill to youth. I've done so since 1985. I started YouTube to get their attention. And offer an experience that taught the skills and did so in a family friendly atmosphere. That continues to drive me. Many of the kids I teach have no father figure to look up to, it is my mission to be an example for them. Weather boy, or girl. I was one of those kids as a youth. For a short time, I had an older gentleman take me under his wing. It was short lived due to his health. But it gave me a glimpse of what mentorship was like. Thank you for your encouragement. It means a lot.

  15. New sub here!! Thanks for the awesome content!!

  16. Liked and subscribed! 👍🏻✨⭐️
    Great content! Thank you for sharing your practical knowledge.

  17. Really informative video Roberto! Took lots of great notes. Even someone like myself in the Automotive niche of YouTube can apply these tips. Keep it up!

  18. Great content Roberto , I liked all of the info that you presented and I subscribed as well thanks again

  19. So, what would you recommend to be a personality driven creator? I´really love to know this because I want to talk about a variety of topics like art studies and degrees like drama, filmmaking, music, dance, literature, journalism, media and hell yeah a little vlogging thing.

  20. Great advice "find something you like a lot that you're good enough at so that you are excited enough to make content." So true; I tried starting a channel I was passionate about, but I didn't really have a mastery over the topic, so it was a struggle and time consuming, and I tried a channel I thought would be fun and easy but didn't really care about it very much. There's a balance to strike, and you have to be honest with yourself.

  21. It's definitely tough I finally passed a 1k subscribers this year after 2 years I will still keep grinding no matter how long it takes great information people's

  22. Very helpful. I was looking into this because of how I'm being taught to be so niche specific in my book, but I didn't think I would need to do the same thing on YouTube. It's giving me a lot to think about, so that everything is integrated and I feel comfortable speaking on the same things and people. Thanks for this!

  23. I have 3k subs and a full time job as a YouTuber. Yay

  24. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  25. Sometimes, I get discouraged with my kids Craft channel but your videos keep me inspired! 😍

  26. It’s because of content creators such as you that made it easier for the ones of today … so thank you .

  27. great video blake. when i used to watch you, you didn't have a moustache. good to see your still going strong

  28. I appreciate all the advice you share with us Roberto. I have given up several times to continue with my Youtube channel. Watching your videos always inspires me.

  29. Question – if you never edited in your life. You are an introvert. You have no camera confidence. Your just dipping your toes in the water. Wouldn’t you say initially it’s best to experiment and learn? My niche is mental health. Right now my videos are a bit scattered but at the root it is all related in one way or another to mental health. And I myself have been literally failing to learn. Having fun and experimenting to see what works and what doesn’t. And seeing how I can improve and what to focus on. I find that I’m empowered by learning. And it just propels me to do more. Is this good? Curious. Thanks!

  30. Since I’m a new creator I would like to learn about optimization (SEO) of my videos so I can get them ranked higher in search engine.

  31. You are the goat 🐐☮️👨‍🏫💐

  32. I wish I gave you my $1000 for a creator course instead of Think Media as your knowledge seems more logical.

  33. I just started. YouTube is not easy. Im struggling to get real feedback. I feel so lost sometimes

  34. Thanks for the insight Roberto! 👍

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