How to start a successful tech hub in Africa

How to start a successful tech hub in Africa

A handy guide on how to start a successful tech hub in Africa.

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  1. I don't know if you're joking or serious😂

  2. This wasnt what I was expecting. why on the lighter side but ok

  3. i came here looking for silver but found gold lmao
    [edit] thought collection repository systems aka the whiteboard. damn!

  4. do one pay to visist tech hub in nairobi and where are you located

  5. Don’t waste your time, the video has nothing to do with the title.

  6. on this email

  7. how can i communicate to you direct, or send me you email

  8. Lol. You are a mad man. Loved it 😂

  9. Very nice video, well done guys!

  10. Love your work guy's!
    Brilliantly Beautiful in a geeky kinda way!

  11. Greetings Creator… 😉
    Check out this channel too…. 🙂

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