How to Start a Chicken Farm (and Make Millions)

How to Start a Chicken Farm (and Make Millions)

How much can you make with a chicken farm—and what’s the best way to get started? We’re…


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  2. I'm am now starting this project right away. Thanks for the motivation. I have the passion.

  3. I've reached out 3 times with no response. I am aware that baby male chicks are culled on OTHER farms, because laying chickens are bred to be smaller than fryers, and the males aren't profitable enough to feed. I will buy eggs from you if you indicate that you don't cull male chicks. They get thrown in to a shredder, see youtube. Grotesque!

  4. Thank you so much. This interview is more than sitting in a classroom. I greatly appreciate

  5. Thank you Sir
    But I want to raise my own capital so how much do I need?

  6. I'm from India but i want to start chicken farm🤔but i don't known how to start because i don't have experience about chicken but mostly because I'm poor.😥i want to known you sir where are you stay?

  7. What breed this chicken sir?

  8. Want to know if they use incubator for hatching or they bougth from other sellers ? If so what kind of incubator machine is the best and best price for start up business? The point is what's the best for business? Thank you.

  9. Weldon Sir, very informative video… Thanks

  10. Amazing content. Thank you again.

  11. what chicken breed you raise for meat and for egg production. ?

  12. I had them as pets in my childhood. .. now I want a chicken farm … I'm ready to start now

  13. How to make a million dollars chicken farming,,,,, Start with two million 😂

  14. I live in Las Vegas/Overton Nevada and today I bought 3 chickens then went right back after setting up their home in a barn. Went back and bought 3 more of a different breed and also came home with a Turkey. Already have the perfect name for the business. Can’t wait to get this going

  15. This is a great story. Quality retail farming is the only way to go as a small acerage farmer. Stay out of corporate America.

  16. You had great questions, but the answers did not go into enough depth most of the time. If you edited their answers down to not make the video too long, why not divide the video into separate videos? I found after almost every question I felt left up in the air wanting to know more.

  17. I keep seeing honey. You could and should raise bees. It was be a service to your area. Local honey has more health benefits, also raw milk and chease.

  18. This is the exception not rule… don’t be deceived by these assclowns

  19. Rochelle seems to do ALOT shame you didn’t talk to her.

  20. Really smart to process their own chickens, processing is the biggest expense in meat farming.

  21. Yes,,kemical farm is profitable,,,plastic is healthy??injected and fucking labelled as,,,,orgasmisc,,,hmmm ,,what a garbage farms killing the rel normal people

  22. “So you really need to love the work, otherwise you will hate it “. So true but I love it and I have been raising Chickens for 20 years.

  23. I'm too scared and lazy to become a farm girl.

    I'm scared of animals and I can't grow veggies or fruits. I had a little garden and it was already stressful to me. 😂

  24. I really love this business too 😻😻😻

  25. DO NOT get involved with a integrator and contract growing you will not make anything.The corporation controls everything.

  26. It's amazing, I'm going to build a chicken farm too, but it's in a farming game :)

  27. i dont have much money to start but i love to start this kind of farming chicken,i already have 2 heads on my backyard,hopefully next year i can start on my 1 hectares

  28. This is awesome. Amazing job.

  29. Which state is this? Maybe I'll in may in USA for a harvest season, I love know this place!! From Brazil

  30. Love your operation In South Georgia I have 9 acres and retired and I going to build me some chicken tractors and use my land for chicken and egg farming for something to do and keep me busy I love to stay busy that’s great for your health and make me extra income thanks for sharing I have learned a lot from your show ps Gods blessings for you and your family and employees

  31. If you really want to find some good employees try dealing with the FFA farming programs talk to him about getting some good working kids that will be very responsible they're taught to the

  32. Am in South Africa and I was thrilled by your success story. I wanna go into farming as well what can you advise me or help me with.

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