How to Spot a Chad in the Gym

How to Spot a Chad in the Gym

Bro Science #99: Know who to hate.


  1. 2020s Update
    White Nike socks pulled over sweatpants
    Compression pants
    Ego lifting
    Uncomfortable staring at any and all females

  2. I’m going into cardio act arrest. Give me something to curl🤣🤣

  3. The fuck, why'd the title get changed?

  4. I've definitely seen this vid but don't remember the title. Did it use to be "How to spot a gym fuckboy" ?

  5. "what you need agility for? Tiptoeing around your sexuality" had to pause because I was laughing so much

  6. The working outside the gym is so true, like wtf was the point minutes before you were just climbing into people

  7. Duuuddee jeff seid falls nearly into every category 😂

  8. "why u gotta gym membership? To sexually harras the smoothie girl? cuz thats why I have it" caught me off guard.

  9. This said how to spot a chad not a fk boy, misleadin af

  10. A Chad is not the same as a douchebag – a Chad is a role model to strive for.

  11. OGs know this wasn’t the OG title

  12. I saw a guy in exactly what clothes u were saying he was with these 2 girls and was showing them how much he can half rep 135 ohp with a jump i was benching 225 and i ask him for a spot and to steal his girls and he ignored me fuckin pussy

  13. he looks like exactly like bradley martin

  14. It’s been nearly ten years and I still don’t know if his beard is real or not.

  15. I would make watching bro science for an hour my gym induction class

  16. Wasnt the title to this "How to spot a fuckboy at the gym?"

  17. Had one of these in my old gym. All he’d do is sing obnoxiously loudly, then load as many plates as he could on whatever he was doing, wait like 15 minutes, then do 2 reps and move on. He just wanted to be loud and be seen.

  18. "We're in the middle of a plague"
    Dom knew all along

  19. this has legs thiner than a stick

  20. This is gold …. I can’t stop laughing 😆

  21. "Tha fuck! What tha fuck is that beepin?!?!" He sounds like my boyfriend when someone knocks on the door too hard!🤣🤣….I love you #BroScienceLife! I was having a really shitty fuckin day, and you made it 10 times better. Thank you!!!

  22. Title change and still no ads. Nerds, please build another YouTube.

  23. When he said were in the middle of a plague I was like.
    Huh… must be a new video

  24. "We're in the middle of a plague" Damn, Dom was really ahead of his time.

  25. Title should’ve been “how to spot an insecure dude in the gym”

  26. Pretty sure my supa set shirt arrives today!

  27. 3000 guys named Chad dislike this video.

  28. Wait, Why the title change? Youtube censoring?

  29. You should do a video on your workout station getting hijacked as you briefly step away to the water fountain, locker room, etc.

  30. It’s funny how ironically he’s the douchebag chad to me. Disgustenggg

  31. Wearing wrestling shoes at the gym is #1 chad

  32. Can you make a 2020 update video like this

  33. Yes I want to find one of those.

  34. Cardiac Arrest! GIVE ME SOMETHING TO CURL!!!!!

  35. This video hasn't aged well. "We are in the middle of a plague" lol.

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