How To Make Money With NFTs As A Beginner In 2022 (Easy 15 Minute Guide)

How To Make Money With NFTs As A Beginner In 2022 (Easy 15 Minute Guide)

Are you interested in making money with NFTs (Non-fungible tokens)? In this tutorial I will show…


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  1. Nice video . Simple yet informative

  2. It sounds like a very clever and convoluted way of saying pyramid scheme.

  3. OJA initiative is supported by an excellent value proposition. The team is knowledgeable and experienced. The whitepaper is meticulously prepared. I believe the initiative is poised for success.

  4. Ojacoin is in their own blockchain and it's super fast easy to us $ojx ojacoin

  5. Oja Blockchain It offers investors the opportunity to perform high-volume transactions fast and uninterruptedly.

  6. Awesome 😎 really helpful 🙏🏾

  7. What nonsense is this! People paying for these stupid photos!

  8. I’m sooooo confused! 😤😤

  9. Nice video, no bs, straight to the point


  11. libenode dutunoli duridudu

  12. Lol I wouldn’t even download that koala pic for free

  13. <<This video is great👍thanks for the insight… In my opinion Investing is tough quite alright but not as difficult as it may seem if you follow the basic rules and dont love or get emotional with your coins. it is volatile and scary at times as things can fly up and down at extreme rates. if you are not careful, then you risk massive loss. to ensure continuous profitability, make sure you learn, be careful, and do not listen to some things crypto traders say on youtube and other forums as they are lots of speculators in the market who tell you xrp is going to the moon or BTC is at its dip and a reversal is sure and you even lose more money holding your crypto because they said so. The truth from my personal experience is that trading daily is far safer and more profitable than holding with so much uncertainty in the market, a friend of mine did so and lost almost 10k in it. if you aren't 100% sound in these, you should interact someone with good experience and trade history to help through or guide you.

  14. 👍🏽👍🏽 great info

  15. What is the name of the website to search for upcoming nft

  16. Anyone here actually was able to make money with this?

  17. Frank, great vid. Why would someone buy an unknown artists nft???

  18. I wish I could win lottery for 100 million dollar 🤑

  19. this is to complicated thats why i dont start ..

  20. I have a question does making nft and making minting nft cost ….

  21. Digital arts is taxfree

  22. lowest point in humanity

  23. Somebody actualy made money from this?

  24. क्या ब्लैक ओरा में इन्वेस्ट करना सही है या फ्रॉड है। ???🤔

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