HOW TO GROW HAIR FASTER | Hair Growth Tips For Long And Healthy Hair

HOW TO GROW HAIR FASTER | Hair Growth Tips For Long And Healthy Hair

How to grow long hair fast. I hope these tips are helpful, these have really been beneficial for…


  1. What is ONE hair goal you have? What is ur current length?

  2. Don’t take folic acid; you gotta take folate. Your body will use that better

  3. Dirty hair doesn’t grow faster

  4. Your advice along with my diy oil saved my hair and made them grow extremely fast I'm so grateful 😊

  5. Nature made or olly. Or those other ones I can't think of the name they taste like candy

  6. Love you too baby 💕💕💕💕 miss you too 💕💕

  7. You always keep my attention with your commentary, your tips are great, and I like trying them out, thanks again shell and keep bringing on the videos 👍😊

  8. So very informative!

  9. Can you go into detail and explain in another video how you do the LOC/LCO method for low porosity hair?

  10. Can people stop insulting Tito Jackson/ comparing him to something negative? For some reason he’s been at the butt of people’s jokes for decades/negative comparisons. “I’m Michael, you Tito.” “I literally looked like Tito Jackson.” Btw Tito had a healthy-looking fro.

    Side note, he was instrumental to the group, no pun intended. If he hadn’t broken his dad’s string on the guitar, the dad would’ve never found out he played and the group wouldn’t be formed. I know you probably don’t think it’s deep but Tito gets disrespected left and right and actually deserves a ton of respect.

  11. Great advice and your hair is absolutely gorgeous

  12. I mean what's your nationality sis

  13. Thank you for the tip of half and half on the lco/loc method…never thought of that..duh?? ❤

  14. I enjoyed the tips and look forward to future videos so I subscribed🥰

  15. girl you’re body goals. drop the routine sis. from meals to workouts

  16. What's up Shelly, i have a question ⁉️
    You think that I (male in late 30's) can regrow my hair even though I have a receding hair line? In my twenties my hair was mad long and i miss leaving it loose or in corn rows. SMH. I been doing the clove water spray that you recommended in your early video and black Jamaican castor oil but i guess I'm impatient and just not giving it enough time. I shave my head every other day but when i let it grow out i got the George Jefferson hair due, the landing strip👴🏽
    Anyway, have a gorgeous day and thanks, your channel is the shit!

  17. you kind of look like @Jenise Adriana… Y'all are both beautiful.

  18. Thanks you , you on point good advice

  19. I don't use the LOC method because,
    IF OIL IS A SEALANT AND OIL CAN BLOCK MOISTURE NO MATTER HOW LIGHT THE OIL IS, why would I try to put cream on top of oil and expect the cream to penetrate.
    Also I do my best to use warm water first and if I'm just doing a massage I will open my pores up on my scalp with warm water massage them open and then put whatever oils that are needed.
    There is a store up here in Clackamas Oregon that basically sells products mostly by white companies and there's this one white company that's trying to break into the black hair care industry by selling certain products and using the LOC term, in order to grab the attention of Black customers, they use a lot of perfumes and a lot of other ingredients that are not natural stay away from them

  20. Thank you, girl! You have said a month full of blessings for girls that are having a hard time with their hair! Blessings, Nerry Jimenez

  21. 💕Great information 💕I relaxed my natural hair last February, after not having relaxed hair for years. I didn’t relaxed it again , but cut my bra strap hair in last October shorter than yours was. I went through my hair and cut all the relaxed hair . I had 8 months of newgrowth and , if I seen a straight strand, after washing I would snip it off. I have always had a good length of hair, and it was a shock. My husband was worried and asked was I ok, which I was. My hair was shredding badly and I was over it. Since cutting it my hair has grown at a good pace. I’m changing my diet , and started taken Love Wellness supplements two weeks ago. My goal is to regrow my natural hair and leave it natural, plus my edges need to be attended too. I have fine texture hair and I have been natural the majority of my life. My goal is to grow my hair back to mid back length . (It was in 2016 and , I cut it then , my husband says I’m scissor happy) so now I’m trying to grow my hair back to midback length or longer. I heard you mention you fine hair and your edges. Do you have a video on that? New subscriber !

  22. I'm trying to keep up with you saying because you're act like he was a marathon speaking

  23. My God you are just be talkin you give me

  24. Very informative very humble….thank you

  25. In all my years natural and all the YouTube videos I have watched, this is the simplest and easieat to follow with amazing advice 😍 thank you!

  26. Ur hair is beautiful thank you so much for speaking to us❤️

  27. I have a perm I’m scared 😱 my hair will break if I transfer to natural

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