How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory

How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change | Allan Savory

NOTE: Statements in this talk have been challenged by other scientists working in this field….


  1. Following this logic, the american mustang should have remediated all of the mid-west by now. whats the deal?

  2. quick mathematics . he says 1 hector of grass land burned = the same damage as 6000 cars. so 1 billion burned in Africa =6000 billion cars damaging emissions. I guess a volcano going off would be quite damaging going by his stats. So to conclude..he has just destroyed his own argument. what a fucking tool.

  3. Wonder if his ultimate Elephant "solution"" is on the table for other creatures of all types

  4. The Chinese did it, The Israelis did it, I am sure Americans can do it'

  5. 40k Elephants on your conscience… Live with it! Karma comes one day for you my good sir. Must add though that i'm thankful for the fact that you are trying to make it right by doing this and also being honest. I'm sure there was no ill intent from the beginning?

  6. Reverse climate change!!!
    Unintended consequences like our crops failing due to lack of CO2.
    Anyone who says 'fossil fuel' is not aware that there was never enough fossils to create all the coal, oil and gas that has been and continues to be extracted. These hydrocarbons were produced by nuclear forces in the mantle and brought up by plate techtonics. They are almost a renewable.

  7. After 9y, it's still the best ted

  8. So… return to the Indigenous methods of stewardship that existed before Europe colonized their traditional lands? The, uh, "hunting, drum-beating people" he refers to at the start? The ones he removed from their lands to "protect the animals" … which led to him 'needing' to kill 40k elephants? Just want to make sure I'm getting the right takeaway from this.

  9. Greening the massive and long-established deserts of the world would be a terrible idea. It would far reduce the surface reflectivity of those regions and cause the planet to retain more heat!

  10. I dunno. Maybe. But remember, this is the guy who's last bright idea was to shoot the elephants.

  11. I agree with this guy, 100%. Deforestation and the desertification of much of the land in the world, is what is causing most of the man-made global warming. Much more than fossil fuel use. So there needs to be a combination of efforts to fix it.
    In Europe, centuries ago, they cut down most of the forests and had
    a shortage of lumber. When North America was discovered, they then came over here and start chopping down the forests for export to Europe. That, plus all the other reasons for us to cut down forests in North America, resulted in mllions of acres of forestland in North America being eliminated.

  12. 2022 – Isn't the government just telling us that the animals fart so much that climate change is triggered in the first place?

  13. I stopped listening to him after he said, he recommended the slaughter of 40,000 elephants. I just don't think he could ever get it right after that.

  14. 40,000 dead elephants. A perfect example of political based pseudo science destroying everything it touches.

  15. I would like to know how to implement this on my 40 hectares farm in Ecuador! Fortunately, roughly 1/3 of it is forest/jungle. And the remainder divided between crop area and hilly pastures. Most people around me do slash and burn before every rainy season both in crop and pasture areas. I have read about permaculture practices a bit and a day long intro course before moving here but just on crops.

  16. 40,000 elephants killed for a mistake.

  17. I have not even finished yet and I know he will come with solutions but HOLY COW 40´000 elephants to be shot is a massive number man – people knew what they were doing long time ago and since the white man comes all along and tries out stuff, everthings kinda messed up. I am for a ban for just those ridiculous so-called scientific rubbish, let the indigenous teach you!!!!!

  18. One has to wonder why this information is not part of the everyday climate change dialogue in the media. All we hear about is wind, solar, and electrification of our automobiles.

  19. There is hope! I just cannot understand how I haven't heard about this before?

  20. Wonderful, but there is the law of unintended consequences where as the result of this greening could cause some arid areas

  21. This is awesome 👏 👏👏👏

  22. That's wonderful I guess just gloss right by the 40,000 elephants he had killed just forgive him for that I guess,oops my bad. Let's just move on from that. Then point out what ranches have been doing for hundreds of years let's do that it works after we've done so many horrible things oookay.

  23. Great observations. What would be the single best change in my estimation is to stop current climate intervention operations. This caused more drought in the last 30 years than any other factor, but it also creates more flooding. This to me is intentional weaponized weather. President Johnson once stated that he who controls the weather controls the world, this is about power concentrated in the hands of the greedy. This is United Nations agenda 21/2030, this the world economic forum, the council on foreign relations stripping you of all your GOD given rights. This is the end game. Thanks

  24. He talks way too slow, imagine trying to green deserts while wanting to plant prime agricultural land with trees, these clowns are best ignored.

  25. After killing 40,000 African elephants with no good outcome u should be fired and not allowed in Africa again

  26. Another thumbs up. As a child in the late 1960's while driving on Northern New Mexico's back roads, my Grandfather gave me very sage advice. He said, "Look at that bare, dried up land. It's like that because they graze too many cattle or sheep there." He went on to say that if you want the land to be fertile, you need to move the animals grazing area every year or to give the animals a more balanced animal to land ratio. Little did I know then that plants would become my passion. I'm so glad to see ancient knowledge being restored. It's my belief that some* Natives that had been forced to migrate Northwards from South America learned & retained this knowledge. He was a highly intelligent, curious, & thoughtful man of French-Spanish Basque (sheepherders), & some Apache ethnic descent. For any Botanists or Landscape Architects out there, UNM has a Master's Program in Reforestation.

  27. Sounds like great advice! And there is another, longer, view to this: humans are overpopulating, too rapidly for agriculture and infrastructure to keep up. Mother Nature, as always, can take over with Her well-tested controls: a hierarchy of mild or strong corrections. An example: a virus epidemic may be imposed, restoring the balance. Then, if medical science interferes and restores the population growth, Nature tries another remedy. Example: I see today's rapidly increasing human homosexuality as a good thing, Nature's way of reducing the human birthrate. This is old news: it has been recurring thru the ages maybe, whenever a city becomes too large. (Maybe in another 10K years we will have evolved enuf for the urban life)

  28. Emit more C02 which will green the planet! There is no climate change caused by golfers or SUVs! Our climate depends upon our orbit and angle to the Sun!

  29. Its time of Work Only , Not fucking ConfarunS & Mittings & Weasting time in FUCKING TALKS🗣️bee a man Z z z z

  30. Pădurile măresc suprafață de evaporare mult mai mult decât plantele mici. Pădurile sunt mari poluatori cu gaz metan. Din putrefacție. Pădurile produc mult CO 2 noaptea și conifrele iarna. Pinguinii au grăsime în pene,. Apa din Antarctica este plină și nu sublimează-evaporă. Banchizele se rup de la excremente, pene, puf, praf și pt că nu dă zăpadă proaspătă. Gheața este murdară(neagră,caldă)
    Urșii polari mor de foame,. De e nu introducem prădători în Antarctica.?

  31. Ofurtuna de praf Saharian peste Atlantic, aduce tornade și ploi în USA. De ce?
    Planeta are nevoie de apă evaporată din oceane, nu de pe uscatul boreal. Dar apa este acoperită de grăsimi și nu se evaporă suficient și la termenul calendaristic. Clima este uscată, secetă în sol, cald, ghețari se topesc, anotimpurile decalate cu 1-2 luni.
    TREBUIE URGENT COAGULATE GRĂSIMILE OCEANELOR.!!! Cu var, cenușă din lemn, argilă,,,, etc.

  32. 🙏 rigth..! Konzeption is great.

  33. Funny how he admits everyone knows animal grazing causes desertification and then tells us the opposite. This is video is total BS

  34. Only too bad this atmospheric carbon hoax a.k.a. anthropogenic climate change myth, is 'polluting' this wonderful talk..
    If anything, we need more carbon in the atmosphere, which will only help this approach to this common sense way of farming.

  35. Where is the support for this? Nature offers solutions for most of our problems yet because politicians, NGOs, the elite/rich and major corporations can't make trillions off of solutions like this we're doing foolish things like starting wars, limiting our energy use unnecessarily and talking about farming bugs. If you love the earth and nature you have to remove the greedy, corrupt individuals from the conversation, make it a career ender that they know will expose their corruption and greed to the world. Then and only then, those of us that love this planet can focus on healing the earth using natural methods like Allan outlined. More government is always the worst, most wasteful, inefficient answer to anything.

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