How to get a woman to notice you

How to get a woman to notice you

You’ll never have a fighting chance is the girl you’re interested in doesn’t know you exist. So…


  1. The "Amazing Human Form" !!! You better have one or your S*%# out of luck on any of these tips. You either have it or you don't. You can't out dress, out look, out smell, or Out Confidence Bad DNA. "Men Display, Women Choose"

  2. Nice points ,also if you are in a little crowded place you can probably greet a good evening whereas you're in the morning you will get a little attention perhaps a short conversation 馃榿 it works out for me many times though

  3. Hiiiiiiiiiii
    Jessica I really want your help
    I have a crush on someone who seems to have no time to have a chat with me
    She lives very far from where I live like 50km away
    So how can I go about this I mean how can I get the full attention of her

  4. Me: after listening Jessica must notice me ooo馃ぃ馃ぃ馃槀馃槀馃槀

  5. Tip 3 . Buying her a drink. I feel that is simping. I will do that to a familiar stranger but to complete stranger. I think that comes off needy, a turn off before she notices me.

  6. I was so crucified about my appearance growing up, my confidence was literally destroyed. I'm 47 and still subconsciously try to avoid people. Hopefully videos like this will help.

  7. So crash my car for attention for desperate measures?

  8. Are u a soccer fan?
    Im married

  9. Thanks Jess, people underestimate the power of appearance (aesthetics) which often opens doors in all types of relationships (or shuts them if you screw it up lol!).

  10. I came across you great channel awhile ago and wanted to comment and say that you give great advice and present it beautifully. I will be checking out much more of your content. Continue the great work.

  11. You are very good at what you do OMG i 馃挊 your voice 馃憤

  12. From Kenya 馃嚢馃嚜 just following you in every video, thanks Jessica learning alot from you..

  13. Hey Jessica, I love your videos and I would like to ask you questions. What is your take on dating a woman older than you by the way I am 31 years and also is there a unique way of approching them, the thing is I been single for almost a year and I have noticed I like ladies who are older than me or who have achieved "successful"so I find it difficult to talk to them.

    Thank you

  14. South Africa love you Jessie

  15. Please Make a vedio on the topic "Signs that your best friend likes you" 馃檹

  16. For her to notice you, you have to be physically attractive– appearance, cleanliness, charisma, manners, and vocally pleasant.

    The rest don't matter.

  17. great tips but so european in africa nuh this dont work i mean all of her content its sooo white

  18. well jessica you seems like a spy who shagged me…lol

  19. My comment on this beautiful work is no. 100馃敟馃敟馃敟. I love this channel

  20. Jessica as always you inspire many

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