How To FIX Oculus Quest 2 Microphone Not Working! (2022)

How To FIX Oculus Quest 2 Microphone Not Working! (2022)

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  1. Bro, you saved my life with this video❤

  2. My mic went of in a game where you basically need a mic to have fun. What is it with technology and being dumber than people who don’t understand it!

  3. Usually restarting fixes my microphone issues. It's working for microphone commands in my home world but mutes me in horizon worlds. I checked the permissions and it is on for horizon worlds. Can you help?

  4. I just had it turned off in the msin menu

  5. Everyone, if you see this comment, and none of these things work for you, go onto system and go to sound, and if mute microphone is on and turn it off

  6. For some reason when I record it won't work but if I use the mic thing for typing it will work. Idk why

  7. Apparently, my settings were just set to have my mic off. Not even ingame, the mic was just off. I'm so dumb ;-;

  8. thxxxxxxxxx youuuuuuu so much bro

  9. It doesn’t work in games for me and when I record it’s really quiet

  10. I don't have updates won't work on any game I spent probably 150$ dollars so I'm not factory resetting

  11. how do you turn up how loud your mic sounds to other people bc i sound really quiet

  12. I might have to factory reset…


  14. So how do you clean the microphones? I've searched around and this video is the closest to telling me something that is actually worth listening to.

  15. Damn I need to factual reset it

  16. Hey Lofi Alpaca, I was playing population one and I didn't allow my microphone when it asked me if I wanted to allow it or not. I was trying to go to settings to fix it but nothing worked. How do I get my microphone to work?

  17. Bro I'm pretty sure i broke my damn mic by playing a rate high pitch sound-

  18. bro i watched this video a year ago my microphone still doesnt work its been like 1 year 3 months

  19. Another fix
    Settings-> Apps -> Permissions -> Microphone -> check each one for permission

  20. Mine fell off my head, and now the mic is super choppy


    he says reboot the headset, then says update.
    If you havent done this, welcome to using a computer. If you have, I just saved you some moments of your life. I hate youtubers that leech clicks like this.

  22. Bro thank you because I be trying to talk and i just cant which makes me kinda mad and sad. So yeah I really like how you helped us out.

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