How to choose a research topic in 3 ways | Research topic ideas | Learn to select research topics

How to choose a research topic in 3 ways | Research topic ideas | Learn to select research topics

In this video, learn how to choose a research topic and get ideas to select research topics…


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  1. I am just now realizing that we have to choose a topic our selves like whaaaaaaaaaat?

  2. I thank you, Ma'am, for sharing this with us.

  3. It's criterion or criteria, criterias is not a word😅.

  4. Good job madam, thank you such 😍

  5. Ma'am i want to select any Good latest research topic plz guide me

  6. Best Computer Science Journal, Watch this video:

  7. Why you write the title in English and talking another languages ❌❌👎👎👎

  8. Very nicely explained. Please mention some interesting and related Topics on Hospital and Health Care Management for new aspirants.

  9. Thank you so much ur guidelines are very helpful… ☺️

  10. Mam I'm planning to choose disability as my research topic. Can you please tell me which theory will be more appropriate for my research

  11. Mam I also want to write paper on a particular medicine bcz I m pharmacy students but I can't write

  12. Can I still do my research about covid vaccine at 2023 even so I live in Africa

  13. If I have completed my post graduation from correspondence how can I approach professor

  14. mam i am here to know how to choose research topic but i notice your smile ,it's too beautiful 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  15. This is incredible and I would like to take part in your workshop

  16. Please suggest research paper topic
    related to zoology subject.

  17. how much helpfut it is , it realy difficult to define. thanks a lot.

  18. Mam can you give me your mail id

  19. Do you make dissertation for others?

  20. The video was really informative and helpful. Thank you so much.

  21. Tq so much🙏❤️
    Good luck❤️
    Keep educating 👏

  22. Ma'am your ideas are really helpful…i hope you will bring more such research related videos

  23. Did not find any app named Origin that you mentioned in ur insta video

  24. hi very niece presentation why explain sample hydraulic and water resource engineering research topic

  25. Very informative…Thank you Ma'm

  26. thank you so much maam. Your video gave me some useful insights into how I can find a topic best suited for my LLM research.

  27. Thank you for this. 🇳🇬

  28. thank you brought much visibility

  29. i am undergraduated passed. My Department was bsc in fashion design and technology. Now i want to research and publish. So what i will choose topic research?

  30. I have a query about PhD.
    Is it possible to a PhD by survey based work?

  31. Pls madam i have no idea about research topic. I want to write nursing dissertation. Pls can you send me a topic idea about peadiatric or obstetric

  32. Can i extend further study done by previous author by employing different approach as oppose to previous authors methods??

  33. Mam your voice and happy behaviour killed my heart 💖

  34. Thank you so much Ma'am❤️

  35. Criterias is not a right word. Criteria is already plural of criterion.

  36. Can u suggest a topic in zoology

  37. Mam can u write a research paper for me please because I don't understand the process

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