How to become a crypto MILLIONAIRE in 2022

How to become a crypto MILLIONAIRE in 2022

2022 will present a number of big financial opportunities for all of us. Whether you are new to…


  1. Such a fan- loving your perspective and intelligente angle:) Lotsa love from Norway:)🙏

  2. Great stuff Brice, I'm amazed more people haven't found this one, thanks for your time and effort making these. Your insight and knowledge is super useful and your enthusiasm is infectious… please keep posting 🙂

  3. Yeah lets go bonus video's!

  4. I literally just started a YouTube just to share the journey as well and teach others. Haven’t even got a video up yet but will be soon. Again great stuff. Anyone can do it if they put the work in. 4-5 years from now proper positions in XRP , Ewt Hbar etc will absolutely set you up. Looking forward to your next video

  5. Great perspectives man, great strategy and thoughts. I agree a lot with your macro views as well. Glad I found you , I’ve been in crypto for 2 years now and was a small business owner previous / but just turned full time crypto / Finacial professional / but not professional lol. Anyways yes so much growth ahead and this industry is absolutely the future. Great job

  6. Nice, include those bonus videos. Good luck on your journey.

  7. Great advice, I’ve just stumbled across this video and it’s very interesting to hear your thoughts. What do you think Xrp and HBar will go up to in 2023?

  8. Great vid and opinions! Agree with you on so much! Happy new year to ya, we are all along for a great ride this year!

  9. Just remember, no plan ever goes exactly as planned. Sounds like a good strategy though.

  10. The projects that go up in value are decided by influencers rather than by fundamentals. SHIB, Cardano, and SOL are good examples. They all have zero real world enterprise adoption.

  11. Thank you for your vidio..

  12. You get what you give ✌️❤️👍

  13. Happy New Year! Keep up the good work Brice.

  14. keep up the quality content, great attitude, reality, happy new year brother!! yes, make the bonus vid

  15. Ill be with you the whole way through!

  16. We will be rich! Be patient and hodl

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