How tiny Lesotho turned into Africa’s water tower

How tiny Lesotho turned into Africa’s water tower

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  2. As a Mosotho I say this fucked up

  3. 10:21 1998 the South African president is Nelson Mandela.

  4. As a South African, I had no idea of any of this, so I appreciate the education. I really know so little about our neighbours. Also, it is funny to me how many clips are shown of Cape Town, which has so little relation to the content of this video.

  5. Majority of all South Africans, including blacks, now poll in agreement that life was better pre-1993 than it is now. That's before apartheid's end & the implementation of "democracy," read: "nepotism."

  6. I almost studied abroad in Lesotho in 2012. Passed & got to study abroad in Chile & Argentina that summer, Cuba in 2013.

  7. Hi! I'm a new viewer;
    I don't see any sources quoted in the description. Has the Caspian Report been fact checked?
    The presentation is impressive tbh!

  8. Hi Shivarn,

    I use to love and follow your channel, however this production has made me question the credibility of this channel and your source of information. This report is a one sided report intended to make the current SA Government look as one of a pradetory nature and taint the
    progressive post-Apartheid Government .

    Here is a few questions I wish you, your channel and whoever your source of information is to answer.

    1. Please explain what is the entire cost of the LHWP to begin with? I will tell that it runs in the billions of rands which as you mention the Lesotho Government is a tiny government with no mineral deposits whatsoever therefore even if they wanted to construct such a large project themselves they would not have the finances to construct or even manage it.

    2. Who financed the LHWP and who benefited from the project? The project is finance by international loans entered into by the then former APARTHEID SA President Pieter Willem "Die Groot Krokodil" Botha on behalf of ALL South African Citizens including the Black South African citizen that were not benefiting from project due to the Group Areas Act of 1950. The GAA dictated where people could live by race and as might have heard typically setting aside the BEST urban, industrial, and agricultural areas for WHITES ONLY. Therefore, this project was never intended to benefit South African Citizens at large it was intended to benefit WHITES ONLY as per Apartheid Citizenship ACT 1949. Majority of Black South Africans were residing the Bantustans Homelands area and absoluty had no access to this water resourse as you purport even today mojarity of which still live in mostly INFORMAL SETTLEMENTS so called "townships". Your docuentary GROSSLY fails to take into account the historical context and climate in which this dubious was done under.

    3. Who is paying for the INTERNATIONAL LOANS taking on their behalf to constract this project? Guess what it is ALL South African Citizens including the Majority of the previously oppressed population that was not even consulted in the undertaking of this project and did not even have the RIGHT TO VOTE in their own country of birth.

    4. So I am pleading with this channel to please REMOVE this documentary or at least take it for review and consult many South African Scholars that know more about this project. As you have mentioned it is a thorny Subject that continues to divide our Lesotho brothers and sister and causes a lot of animosity between the two nations. If you didn't know 8 South African women were brutally rape by 22 Basotho Nationals this past weekend. Some of the comments and motive from the Basotho Nationals is that "SAns are stealing their water".

    5. The comment you refered to that "Lesotho is subsidising SAs Water Supply" is a Gross misrepresentation of facts. The Lesotho Government is getting $70 million Annual which is 1.2 Billion Rands and Maluti (Lesotho Currency) annual for a population size of 2 million people as well as FREE ELECTRICITY for a project they not even paying for. I would say that a pretty damn good deal. Infact Lesotho could even SELL excess electrity to SA and other country to make extra revenue for themselves. The Inflationary rate you talking about is a half baked arguement as you do not mentioned at which dominationated rate will be used for adjustment. Is the SA rate, Lesotho Rate or the Global Rate? There people of Lesotho are not supposed to be suffering because of the project they are supposed to be benefiting ALOT, but as yourself where is the $70 million going to, which bank accounts does it going into and outoff.

  9. Shouldn't have kicked out the folk that made the place what it was.

  10. Well-made video on the water issues of two african countries. I'll watch for the next African Civil War.

  11. SA is practicing economic Apartheid!

  12. South Africa is like a hostile colonial power, exploiting the poorer vulnerable Lesotho people, by underpaying for its water, and threatening the Lesotho government when their interests are in jeopardy.

  13. I wouldn't be surprised if SA launches a "special operation" against Lesotho if they try to alter this deal.

  14. Have been watching your work since the beginning, this is one of your best videos to date. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  15. I looked at the video thumbnail fleetingly while I was scrolling and wondered what The Rock and Lethoso have in common.

  16. I love the ending quotes of each video. Nice job and keep doing this educational videos 💪😎

  17. It's great to see my 2nd home South Africa get some highlights

  18. South African here… Lesotho is NOT a puppet state. It is an independent country that we respect and love.❤️ Our relationship with our cousin Lesotho is no different to our other cousins Botswana, Namibia or eSwatini. We are a big happy family, use the same universities, specialist medical facilities and infrastructure built & maintained by South Africa. We all have the RIGHT to each other’s resources… Lesotho understand that if industries in South Africa fail, the entire family is doomed.

  19. This is a good example as to why independence isn't always the shiney thing you thought it was

  20. Excellent and informative video! I gain so much from this channel. As a South African, I can say that you really did a great job! Also agree with other comments: please do a video on BRICS and where it is going

  21. pls do Cameroon… i'll be glad to shed some insight as well if needed.

  22. Human history… a life full of problems…why do we do this?

    Is there a problem before we are born?…why bring people into existence then?
    Ecclesiastes 4:2-

    And I declared that the dead, are happier than the living…
    But better is to never have been born…

  23. 13:00 are you trying to say that before, when their ancestors' graves weren't underwater, they were actually receiving advices from them?..

  24. Another good report.

  25. As always, a great video about an almost unknown topic among the rivalries of superpowers. I would also point that the graphics of the rivers and reservoirs was a bit confusing. I believe better could have been done.

    About the project there is also another big problem for Lesotho: soil erosion. With climate change and the overgrazing of the few pastures left the soil is heavily eroding. This means enormous quantities of sediments are running through the valleys and filling the reservoirs. If the reservoirs end up with more sediments than water itself, than this supposedly win-win project is condemned to failure, bringing benefits but lots of damage.
    The future seems uncertain for Lesotho, but this strategic nation can have a key role in the future. South Africa seems increasingly unstable. If we see in the next decades ethnic separatism, especially among the lowland Basotho, the Kingdom of the Sky could expand it’s borders, free itself from a semi-protectorate status and gain a new influence in the region. However History plays, lets hope Peace prevails and the people remain unharmed.

  26. I always wondered why Lesotho existed as an independent country

  27. Without knowing that SA invaded beforehand, I was wondering "would they attack them if they do not provide as much as they need". Was not very surprising to see they did

  28. when you indicate asbestos in the first minerals map of SA, are these deposits being mined?

  29. CaspianReport come for the expert geopolitical analysis stay for the kick ass quotes

  30. Nothing more annoying than having South In the comment section!!!

  31. Lesotho must be a tough bunch to be able to exist as a landlock sovereign kingdom for so long. 💪

  32. As someone drinking the water supplied from Lesotho,,, this problem and many more is decades in the making… Politics has striped us all…

  33. The US is already in a recession. Two negative quarters of GDP growth is, by definition, a recession.

  34. Lesotho has dinanonds not just water sir

  35. masterworks is a scam it is overvalued fine art that was traded between billionaires adding to its value , these name are hardly recognizable and their art is shit, wtf was the image yall showed an interpetation of a buffalo by a 5 year old wtf?!?!!

  36. The Wars in the Future will All be about Water.
    As a species we're a joke! Only togetherness can safe Humanity.

  37. Stupid misleading title, I'm in Uganda and Lesotho doesn't help us, stop thinking Africans have no water.

  38. Great report CaspianReport, I think it's important to note that the water would still end up in SA, just not on the side we need it, hence we've re-directed it, but since Lesotho is completely surrounded by SA, all its rivers eventually flow into SA.

  39. Also need to mention that SA developed en built the dams and systems for Lesotho!

  40. I still find it hard to figure out how the title forgot to put the "South" before "Africa" changing the whole meaning of the title…

  41. I can tell you took advantage of that damn Dam 😂

  42. Great video, love the content. You did not mention that the water also goes to Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth) a coastal city of the Eastern Cape through the Fish-Sundays River Canal Scheme.

  43. Please cover more of Africa loved this

  44. The day people learn that dams dont save water long term and help dry up all the water is the day we actually get more water

  45. I wonder where you got all that information and why…thats the real question!

  46. He missed the maluti trout fish farms that now exist as a result of these dams. The type of trout that has a very high demand over the world. In SA you will primarily find it from Woolworths. He also missed the role these dams play tourism wise. We just need proper leadership to fully harness the potential all these projects have. Hopefully at the end of the Polihali dam construction we will not need to buy any electricity from eskom. But again, too much corruption in these streets.

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