How The Russian Public Feels About The Ukraine Invasion

How The Russian Public Feels About The Ukraine Invasion

Reporting for TODAY from Moscow, NBC’s Kier Simmons speaks with Russians about the attack on…



  2. Everyone shut the fack up,all this happened because of NATO US!

  3. So the Russian people should get rid of putin he's evil

  4. I live in ukraine, specifically dombass, and I'm just so glad that russia launched this special operation so there will be no more of the 8 year genocide we had, it was terrible

  5. Zhen Zou: No one is attacking Russia and no one has any intention to do so. Instead Russia is attacking a peaceful, sovereign nation, attacking citys, civilian targets, killing innocent civilians, raping and plundering. How can you "understand" and support this??

  6. F Ukrainian nazi ( in USA That young man was inspired by Ukrainian elite nazi & killed black people in grocery store

    He has some sort of Ukrainian nazi flag too

  7. Makeing the rich richer and the powerful heros war

  8. I will soot eny wan how wallks in this door.

  9. i am a russian and i support this operation
    bomb Ukraine!

  10. 3 months later it's twice as bad, wait until theirs long long lines just to get a loaf of bread….. return of USSR days making a come back soon

  11. Yea yea yea,.
    Big deal 🤝😉

  12. I watched many of the Russian Youtubers' videos asking this same question, and it seems to me, that the average Russian living in Moscow and St. Peterterburg is living in parallel universes. First, they are trying really hard to live normal lives while either ignoring or rejecting politics because it is too exhausting and dangerous. Second, they seem to have given up on political change for fear of losing the little "freedoms" and material things many have accumulated since the fall of the USSR and that their parents never had. Lastly, they seem to have a very immature attitude about what freedom is and is not. The only freedom Russians have is the freedom to buy material things and be willing to pay too much for them.

  13. So, its now three months since you posted this propaganda piece of crap. And it's still on YT. Cannt believe. I hope you are OK, disappointment and the resulting depression is a serious danger to your mental health. Take care and dont't cry too much.

  14. Get ready for this load of propaganda. Fake news alert!

  15. Ruble is not going down…. It's going up, fk the petrodollar

  16. "meeting with oligarchs" sure buddy,its an oligarchy if they control the government, but in Russia they're replaceable, not here

  17. There is always a gaping chasm between people and elites (Monopolists) All Peoples need Direct Democracy now so Politicians cannot legislate without a Public Referendum

  18. duz every buddy knw this channe is fake newz

  19. I see a lot of Russian comments about how they are against this invation and I agree with them.
    What I don’t understand is why Russian citizens doesn’t protest against Putin like all other ex communist countries.
    Go on the streets with millions, don’t consume anything for 1 week.
    No one will save you if you don’t want to be saved.
    Yes people will die but you cannot gain freedom otherwise. I think that Russian citizens can stop a nuclear war.
    I am from Romania and we had Russian influence all over the country until years 1990-2000.
    We were controlled by the secret service until 1989, very dark times. After ‘89, hunger came in, with no connections in the West and a population killed by communist Ceausescu, was very difficult to survive.
    We suffer in these days because of communism due to their children and relatives put in different institutions so this sick system stays for a long period of time.
    I feel very sorry about Ukraineans and I helped couple of womens and children with accommadtion.
    Dear Neighbours stay strong!
    Dear Russians, stop this genocide.

  20. Wow – really indepth insight…

  21. He ( Putin ) are killing innocent people.after all, these are your relatives…he is brutally killing the people in the name of Nazism…..knows interference of NATO will prove fear for your sovereignty….. Russian people we are kindly requestiing all you force to stop the war…….lots of options are there

  22. All we are saying is give peace a chance!

  23. American attack blaming Russia

  24. Putin has his highest public ratings ever

  25. Я вот в России живу, санкции особо не ощущаются, доллар дешевеет, национальная валюта крепчает, как и маразм русофобов. Кушать есть что, вода, тепло – все для нормального человека создано. А дача просто загляденье – все растет на ней. Уютный камин если затопить и в баньку сгонять, так вообще жизнь прекрасна. Вот только фашистов перемочим на Украине и все заживем дружно. Мира вам и добра из матушки России. Кто не знал, дефолта в России не будет, мы все выплатили, так что денег хватает и бюджет с профицитом. Приезжайте к нам в гости, всем будем рады. У нас все с ориентацией нормально, поэтому ваши радужные интересы мы не разделяем – это наверное единственное предупреждение 🙂 Кстати, настоящие русские не будут извиняться за то, что происходит на Украине … это вам всем на заметку.

  26. This is why never elect madmen like putin and trump in the first place…they are the modern day hitler

  27. Adof putin needs putting sleep for good glory ukraine 🇺🇦 🇬🇧

  28. Zenesky deveria rendirse por la tranquilidad de ucraina

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