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In Sub-Saharan Africa, Masaï live along the borders of Kenya and Tanzania. But these nomadic shepherds share their land with the lion, and confrontations are inevitable between man and beast. Big cats continue to fascinate us today. Some people in the West, evoking the initiatory rites of an earlier era, pit themselves against the felines,…



  1. This video shows great contrast –
    Masai boy : Greatest warrior of all time
    Mike : Greatest idiot of all time
    Why Mike is an idiot? He didn't bring sunscreen lotion with him. It is a scorching day, you might get sunburn son !

  2. It’s crazy seeing comments telling us Africans how to live with this animals. You should be taking lessons from us on how to live life. We are the last refuge of nature in general, you can’t tell us when and what to do with this animals. Bye 🤚🏿

  3. У этого Майка просто железные яйца. Не понятно конечно почему он лез возле льва именно на четвереньках, тоесть пытался показаться льву кем то из своих? Неужели он думает что лев так глуп? Хотя конечно видно что этот любопытный лев ещё довольно молод. У него ещё нет дольшой гривы и цвет гривы не потемнел как то бывает у полностью взрослых самцов.

  4. I lived in Africa for many years and travel extensively , mainly in Southern and NE Africa. Also owned/run various Travel enterprises including an Incoming Wholesale Tour Operation, a IATA Travel Agency as well as a Safari Company plus the representation of SAA Citycentre in the Waterfront Mall in Cape Town under the umbrella of Mila Safaris. Visited Kenya and the Masai Mara region as I was fascinated not only with the animal migration but, with the Masai tribe. Do respect them as well as any other African group including the Zulus, Ndebele, Xhosa and others. The Masai got to kill a lion for a boy to become a man as it is part of their culture. The Masai do not kiss as the mouth if related to food. The drink animal blood , milk and meat. They live in traditional African shacks made with cow dung. Their women wear a lot of decorative colourful jewellery that they make themselves. They love red as it is the colour of blood. They are very friendly and approachable. I enjoyed this video: many thanks. However, I think the white middle age man was/is a fool . He behaved in a provocative manner to any feline and/or wild animal = far from clever. I think he was lucky not to be mauled and, if he continuous with this unwise habit – well, he will become history in no time. Wildlife must also be respected. All the best everyone and, make your best to visit Africa and enjoy many safaris as well as the people .

  5. Mike & other yt ppl gotta be some of the smartest/dumbest ppl ever known to mankind!! My question is why yt folks think like this..its baffling to risk your like for whatever reason u have in your tiny brain!!


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