How i left a 7 figure job in Nigeria and ended in a UK hostel with a factory job

How i left a 7 figure job in Nigeria and ended in a UK hostel with a factory job

How i left a 7 figure job in Nigeria and ended in a UK hostel with a factory job

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  2. 👌🏾Great minds think alike 👏🏽👏🏽 Please pay no mind to the coconut gatekeepers. ( black on the outside but white on the inside 🥥

  3. Everything he is saying is the truth I’m a woman , but I spent my whole life taking care of my family, now I have nothing and have a lot of regrets I wish I can turn back the hand of time. Thanks for shedding light on this very important topic

  4. Great conversation! 1:04:50 is hilarious 😂😂😂

  5. True Phrankleen am happy with my 2200m2 in Zimbabwe. I can have 3 dogs and a fowl run, I even have my own ground water, I am grateful and blessed.

  6. I can hardly breath and so consumed with your story that any important assignment I have will have to be attended later even if you speak for hours. I feel extremely sorry for this man. so sad. l have told so many of my Nigerian brothers and sisters that living in western world don't fit our human race. it kills our culture and self. our wives makes it a hell with their attitude of not working along with their husbands. I plead this man should use his last Penny and go back home before he goes mental. All what you have said are the realities of the western world. Thanks a lot.😮

  7. The UK destroys families, especially black families. It gives women the illusion that they don't need a man in the house. The women learn later on that this is all pretence but the damage is already done and the relationship is dead.

  8. What you said is 100% correct. Am currently in the uk and life hear for Africans is simply that way all. The thing is people should learn quickly expecially those whose age's are under 40 to go back home set things right.

  9. Just watched this video… Subscribed. You are so on point re Neo-colonialism and trying to knock some sense into people who throw everything away to come to the West due to the colonised mindset we have, etc. Keep educating and opening the eyes of our people. Peace

  10. Nobody can bring Phrankleen down. Ifa will not allow it.

  11. The proverbial two shakes of a duck's tail y'all. I love it!! 🤣🤣.

  12. Why will someone earning a little over 8,000 dollars a month in Nigeria leave their job and move to the UK?? It is economic suicide and doesn't make sense. I lived in the States for 30 years; pursued my higher education there (Bachelor's degree and two Master degrees); worked in corporate America; and never earned 8,000 dollars a month.

  13. I Love The Way You Think…💚

  14. In the global economic structure , black folks are at the bottom!!!
    I was only two months in the UK when I observed this!!!
    Black folks are ALWAYS doing all the odd jobs . I can’t blame that man for not wanting to do those factory jobs . They treat you like shit and you’ll be completely exhausted . UK is just a facade . That man had no reason leaving Nigeria at that age and earning what he’s earning .I left because of insecurity, nothing else cos I was also doing well.

  15. You just can't relocate to UK without having a job waiting for you. Doctors, pharmacist etc are recruited so if you just park your bag in the name of going overseas, you're just going to be a nuisance. You don't have a stay so no job for you. Even if you have PhD without proper papers for legal stay you are just nobody. It is always good to find out very well from the embassies website before taking decision and not from here say. Even if you have legal stay but not recruited, it will take you minimum 5 years to have meaniful employment because of 5 years background check. Relocation is good but get your facts right. Don't relocate unless you're sure of getting thr right papers to work. Lastly it is better if you're a self employed person like technian, builders, electrician etc. You just need to spend money for training and accreditation to work but you have papers in the name of degrees, it is difficult

  16. Whaaat???!!! Naija people don dey call their pikin Tyrese? 🤣🤣🤣
    Phrankleen & this colonial mentality issue; it surely gets your goat! 😂

  17. Always looking for validation. Job, Entertainment,.. everything. The Wihite should say that it is good for us to think that we are better.

  18. Well done my brother 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾Tell it like it is.
    Our people need to wake up period.
    I will excavate foolishness from your brains 👍🏾

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