how I build a SUSTAINABLE fitness routine | fat loss & muscle growth and body recomp

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how I build a SUSTAINABLE fitness routine | fat loss & muscle growth and body recomp

how to build a fitness routine for fat loss, muscle growth & body recomp | stepping into womanhood

Fitness Guide:

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  1. Lifting: 3*
    1. Lifting: Foundation of both, sculpting and losing fat. Start w 3 times a week, hitting each muscle group legs, back, chest, biceps
    Legs; Back * Biceps & chest-shoulder-triceps
    2. Keep 2 plans to switch things up and use time more efficiently if machines aren't available
    3. Hire PT for at least 1 session for guidance and safety. Or online guides.
    4. A stretch routine from the start to treat your body like a athlete you've newly become. You've to change the way you see your body NOW.

    1 HIIT/boxing day per week

    1 Cardiovascular day to push heart beat the Max + calorie burn

    1 low intensity day, i.e. pilates etc for mobility, strengh, flexibility

    10K step a day

    Nutrition :
    1. The food you eat either make or break you
    2. Key things: protein w every major meal
    3. Healthy fats
    4. Whole foods over the broken /processed versions of it
    5. Make veggies/healthy food fun lol

  2. That means we would workout 5 days a week, is ok to do it from monday to friday ? Do we need rest days in between lifting sessions ? Im not really lifting 😅, Im just using the weight of my body and some elatic bands…

    Im going to check yout guides right now, I had no idea your were a fitness intructor ! 😊

  3. Thanks so much! I've been trying to educate myself on this for months! And this is the first easy to follow guide that makes sense! I am someone who has literally just started on my health/fitness journey in the last 2 weeks and I have no idea what I'm doing. But this really helps so much!

  4. I’m so glad you stated that about real animal fats. I’ve gone carnivore & lost about 100lbs (along with intermittent fasting). Animal fats keep us satiated & are real whole food. I’ve been able to gain a lot of muscle from lifting & toned my legs by rebounding (with a an ultra strong bellicon).

  5. Hi adama! Is there a way to find your the whole thing of your plan a and plan b workout routine? I saw for each plan a and plan b in your video that there may have been more to what was shown in the video

  6. Lmao “ …actually I don’t forget I’m doing cardio, cos when I’m breathing real heavy, I remember” Made me smile haha😅

    Stretching and mobility exercises are something I’ve always disliked doing but I’ve been looking at doing group yoga classes to encourage myself to be consistent.

    Such practical advice, loved the video 🤍

  7. Great video. I would say about supplementation though that some bodies may really need it. 1) many people have malabsorption issues meaning try as they might, the digestive process does not extract all nutrients from foods consumed. And 2) unless you’re eating a strictly organic, unchemicalised food- the nutritional constituents is drastically reduced. By age 35 you’ll start running into problems as youth has been sustaining you & not necessarily the foods you consume.

  8. Great video. The tips you gave were golden. I have recently tried balsamic vinegar on a pizza. And I had no clue it was sooo tasty. Excellent tip to drizzle it on vegetables. ❤️

  9. Another good workout routine is working every muscle Mon-Fri. 1 set 25 reps for each muscle with no rest. It takes about 10-15mins to complete. Switch up the exercise for each muscle the next day. We all were told to work each muscle group once a week, which means you're only working biceps 4x's a month. Light workouts with increased consistency gets you some impressive results. Only people who need intense workouts are athletes.

  10. Hey Sis!! Thanks for the video, glad you mentioned only lifting 3 times a week- I find I can only really sustain weight training max 3 three days a week – more than that and I just feel exhausted! I thought it was just me! I also think if you're going to lift you really have to have amazing nutrition to fuel your body because wow! Anyway thanks again!