How Culture Drives Behaviours | Julien S. Bourrelle | TEDxTrondheim

Julien argues how we see the World through cultural glasses. By changing the glasses you can change the way you interpret the World.

Julien is the founder of Mondå, a project that helps Norwegians benefit from cultural diversity while supporting talented foreigners in their efforts to adapt and connect with Norway. He is educated as an…



  1. I learned a lot from this video. I often see the world through my “cultural glasses”. Im open to seeking out more diverse settings and relationships for growth purposes.

  2. Enjoyed the lecture, but it lacked the negatives of cross-cultural business interactions. Language, understanding each other, understanding how the processes are completed, work ethic etc. All of these are serious issues with working with foreign cultures. Diversity for diversity's sake can be really negative, but you need to try to understand those cultures and bring in the diversity to really understand those cultures that you are trying to work with.
    I have personally seen it work, and fail, and it usually fails when it is there simply to be diverse, without any other benefit or reason.
    BUT I have also seen how when everyone is keen to make it work, and understand each other, as mentioned in the lecture, then the benefits and lessons are there for the taking.

  3. Culture = social norms……. Sometimes however what is considered normal in a society is actually dysfunctional – especially regarding boundries: who is responsible for what….. or so it seems in some families and/or communities….

  4. If people ignore other people, it drives a violent culture, and apathetic one. You may do any kind of cultural activity, but culture largely depends on socialisation. If the culture of socialisation is bad, humans become bad. They don't turn criminals just like that, they slowly built it up, like plaque on teeth. Endorse criminal cultures, you enact and make criminals, endorse capitalist cultures, you get greed and envy. Same goes for mass shooters, etc… it is the culture in which humans are neglected, that builds up a destructive environment of tribalism, hostility, violence that makes our world today the way it is. From narcissistic parents, to abused children becoming abusive adults or narcissistic adults. It's a vicious cycle, and in order to fix it, fix the causes.

  5. the diversity in these lenses are perfect for culture building. We grow more from these interactions with our individual lenses on because we begin to question the standards that are set on our personal lenses, make new opinions against or in support of them. Challenging and questioning even ourselves is important to mental growth.

  6. The influential nature of this material is profound. A book I read with similar insights was a transformative expedition. "The Art of Meaningful Relationships in the 21st Century" by Leo Flint

  7. As an international student doing placement in Sydney, this video is absolutely amazing. I’ve been in the country for 2 years, literally struggling to understand how to interpret what people is saying, understanding social norms and cues. This video would have been great if I had it in the beginning 🎉😂

  8. This video could be the beginning of an interesting study related to the sociology of emotions. It could be research about how people use them to label other people's emotions and determine their relationship to a conversation and (maybe) the cultural paradigm in which they grew up.
    To be honest, I have never thought about how the ideas of equality of opportunity and result correlate. Might be worth reading/seeing more on this topic.

  9. In NYC natives generally do not speak to strangers. Some of us don't talk to neighbors. I have been told that in rural areas, small towns speak to each other. Rural=homogenous. Urban=heterogeneity.

  10. Haha what a great talk Julien! 😄 The rebels among us I'm sure love playing with this… If it were me at the bus stop and the guy stood up when I sat down I'd stand up and watch his confused little face. It's so funny these cultural practises – I just wanna sit down! It's my right. Thank you, if we clean these "cultural lenses" we will all be better off!
    👓 🚿 🌎 👐

  11. For me perspective is the key
    Thanking this man for this so much informative video so much awareness and enlightenment for me loving my friends so so so much because of this muahhhhhhh😘

  12. Wow! Great video. We are moving to another Country – this was SO useful. Actually, even if we were not moving, I would still find this video extremely informative. THANKS!

  13. Great lecture! Thank you, Julien.

    I find this idea very interesting. It's something that I've often overlooked when encountering cultural differences. We all see the world through our own cultural perspective, which can lead to misunderstandings.

    Recently, I have been learning tips to apply cultural anthropology to businesses.

    I could receive a lot of tips from this great lecture!


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