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  1. That last one probably laid him some brick. And gyad damn brothers we must stay focused

  2. Bro called us single in 100 different languages…

  3. Everyone else: omg cute
    Me hearing Radetzky Marsch: ALLES IST ÖSTERREICH UNTERTEN

  4. why does this have that one austrian marching song

  5. The frog had me lol 😂

  6. U can literally see her hole in the second position

  7. I did the 2nd one with my bf for the first time today and it was …. Insane I got back rubs and kisses and everything he is so sweet ❤I luv him so

  8. Thanks camera man for the ass shot of a century

  9. These are sex positions…

    Change my mind…

  10. I think I know what we all were looking at in the frog position am I right boys

  11. 3rd one’s pretty cute tbh ❤

  12. I think he's still looking for what to watch

  13. Ok but the frog one is actually soo comfy lol

  14. The Frog is sus and for the boys

  15. He forgot a step, get a girlfriend

  16. Cute!!! 🤗🇦🇺👍

  17. How would u not get rock hard brjh

  18. I Like the frog and the spoon

  19. Legend has it he is still looking for something to watch

  20. This isn’t true because I would want to be in her position so many times with my girlfriend

  21. I have a question. How comfortable are most couples actually are with each other? I heard that most couples are actually shy around each other and don't like getting naked around each other, so they avoid getting naked around each other. I wonder if that's true.

  22. The frog was best for the cameraman

  23. I wish someone could cuddles me like that

  24. Bro this called me single and lonely in so many different ways

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