How Black People were depicted in 1930's Warner Bros Cartoons!

How Black People were depicted in 1930's Warner Bros Cartoons!

Old Warner Bros. cartoons (1930’s) portrayed Black Africans as savages, cannibals and other…


  1. What's wrong with it?
    Since when true is racist?

  2. didint they use their brain when they maked cartoons back then

  3. 🤦🏾‍♂️😒

  4. Impossible where they get the water?

  5. As a kid i remember having the dvd ,the worst part is i had a friend at home not knowing this was offensive. after that i never saw him.

  6. Those cartoons back in the early twentieth century were very stereotypically racist wow.

  7. There is nothing racist in these cartoons. The characters displayed in these cartoons are good, vibrant, feminine, lazy and virginal.

  8. When the world wasn’t soft😂

  9. White people here don't look much better lmfao!

  10. Wow Warner bros… never knew you were racist smh. Never watching you again 👎

  11. Tree top lookout for more missionaries to eat after upgrading😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. I think you mixed up your animated with live action folder

  13. This was funny. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Cartoons make fun of everyone equally. Get over it.

  15. Hahahhahahaha hophophophophop

  16. I can only think of one cartoon more racist than this one and it's by Universal. I won't say the name but you can find it by searching "most racist cartoon ever."

  17. Do all old cartoons have racism? Or do some portray blacks positively?

  18. This cartoon is racist. Yeah, no one has noticed this other than me.


  20. The human mind is interesting…

    Sidenote, that door to door salesman reminds me of Lil Baby the rapper for some reason

  21. They made fun of every ethnic group back then. Get over it.

  22. The dogs voice is so soothing, shame it has to be put in such a disgusting cartoon

  23. This is pure obsession

  24. Damn thats exsplains the most racist generation no offence just a lot of that generation are racist

  25. Anyone else noticed they screwed the music, screw wasn’t born in the 30s

  26. The people in this comment section

  27. That all be two dollar's please. 😀😅😆

  28. Pretty accurate depiction of what they look like too

  29. I find this funny than racist

  30. Miss that good old times….

  31. This is not racist. They just fun of people, including the dorky white salesman selling useless utensiles. They made fun of tribal people who are cannibals, so what? There were people living like that at the time, bones in noses and all. Know your history, and stop being a bunch of cry babies.

  32. That was an episode in Africa

  33. That salesman is creepy, but his voice is ASMR

  34. 2:10 they were kinda roasting white people 2

  35. Never watching Warner brothers again

  36. Mannn, the racist jokes & gags completely flew over my head as a kid, i grew up watching this cartoon in a heckle & jeckle and friends dvd.

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