How Africans Feel About Black Americans – Charleston White

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How Africans Feel About Black Americans – Charleston White

Charleston White shares his thoughts on how Africans really feel about Black Americans.

The relationship between Africans Black Americans has always been tough to navigate. Charleston White shares why he thinks that is. #charlestonwhite #Africans

Full interview:

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  1. I don't know but last I heard slavery was abolished 160 years ago. Nobody who was involved in the slave trade, whether a slave or trader or master, etc, is alive today. They are all long dead. So bad argument bro. You like the rest of us was born free and I'm pretty sure so was everyone going back generations.

  2. I mean… They did indeed capture you and sold you into the slave trade (which btw happened to alot more than just Africans at the time, don't claim it)

    It was only after the slave trade was ended by white people the rich whiteys were like, "hey, no more slaves.. how about we just colonize" that Africa the continent itself was negatively effected by slave trade, economically that is of course because slavery is not to play with ever

    Just know while Europeans were buying Africans the whole rest of the world wasn't buying they were taking 😂

  3. This guy is high ,we love our brothers and sisters US high or not. Africans are hated everywhere in world it's time we love each other. If you think Africa hates Africa Americans get that idea in that high head of yours and stop smoking weed

  4. Are you crazy? I am from Ethiopia and I will tell you this. Africans love you but hates your character. We hate your character when you generalize like that. We hate when you do not behave like a gentleman, Yes I have never been colonized. Yes I do not understand how it feels like to be slave. Understand this, You as well do not know how it feels like to be a slave either. maybe your mom and dad might.

  5. Ge Rught..Africa has never tried to do DNA and rescue US….They seriously DON'T LIKE US or give a damn about us and look DOWN ON US worse than "A Rasin in the Sun." They ONLY LOVE OUR MONEY.
    …Never met an African Man with an odor.

  6. Why would an African tribe or colony take prisoners make them indentured servants then sell them off because their prisoners of War and then take boats over to go get them back?? WTF..

  7. I 100% agree with him since 2019 there's over two and a half African immigrants in America and there's some of the nicest people you'll ever meet… they're not afraid to share their culture with Europeans…. I'm really starting to believe that African-Americans are their own oppressor

  8. That's fucked up, I could not disagree with you more. You need to look deeper bruh. You are way off the mark. Please, don't speak on this any further until you dig deeper. Please