His mother sold him for 700 shillings | Tuko TV

His mother sold him for 700 shillings| Tuko TV
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Musa Ingosi is a product of incest,and even though his Luhya culture dictates he should have been killed before or after birth, his mother secretly sold him for KSh 700
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  1. Even me I messed up with my cousin am a Ugandan but I have never told my bby yet because she is just 11 and am 32 what should I do but am taking all responsibilities, my cousin contributes nothing totally and my daughter knows him as her uncle, this is so sad for my daughter but God has forgiven me and I want to reach young people out there to give them advice, for me it was simply because of staying with relatives so if one is able to stay with their children please do it I have and still struggling

  2. These men who go impregnating people everywhere then running away, shida yenu hua nini? Why not stay monogamously faithful or congregate your concubines to avoid nasty sexual unions among your children and to prevent sad stories such as these? Smh.

  3. I love watching your videos, but u should really have subtitles for us non Kenyan. I only watch your videos were they speak english but I would love to be able to watch and understand them all

  4. The father(his grandfather) Ni yeye shida juu yakupata familia inje na kuificha..how were his parents supposed to know they are related love have no boundaries..that's why family gathering are important..and i believe everything happens for a reason..you were meant to be here no matter what..you are blessed..


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