Heineken | Cheers to all

Heineken | Cheers to all

Cheers to whatever you ordered!

Enjoying an aperitif with some colleagues, eating out at the…


  1. 0:00 Allan Saint-Maximin ⚽️

  2. Does anyone know where i can find the full version of the song that's in the background of this video? Thanks 🙂

  3. このBGMの原曲が知りたい(T_T)どんなに調べても出てこない

  4. 이거 제발 음원좀

  5. “Get him out of here”- 👴🏻

  6. This Version of the Song????? …..Who is it and where can I find it??

  7. Queria saber o nome de essa música

  8. For real this ad annoys me a lot on YouTube and I can’t keep seeing this

  9. Stereotypes exist for a reason.
    Another woke ad trying to feminize men.

  10. Who is the red head 14 seconds in?

  11. Gracias, cuando la falopa 0.0?

  12. Cuando voy con mis amigos al bar seguramente tomamos jugo de naranja o margarita.

  13. This the most disgusting and "commercial" adverse I have ever seen.

  14. Anyone on where can we find this version of you don't own me ?

  15. Due to gout, I can't drink beer but a cocktail.

  16. Who is the artist(s) who did this lovely song

  17. And what is the theme song playing in this advert?

  18. I recognised the song so I came back. Interesting remix of "You Don't Own Me" by Lesley Gore

  19. I'm here for the music 😭😭❤

  20. One of the best adverts in years!! Wish it had been shown in the UK

  21. This was made 2 years ago and I'm Just starting to see it on hockey games and Twitch streams. I Love it.

  22. Not one comment asks who sings the song in this ad…..so I will.

  23. What's the song name?

  24. So cringe.. The message is true, as men drink cocktails and women drink beer too, but do you really need to make an ad about it like this is an issue? More often than not, its the other way around.. If a bartender by any chance assumed the beer was ordered by the man, they'd be right most of the time.. And if they were wrong, well then, just apologize for the mistake and be more cautious next time.. I don't see how you could be offended for that.. I don't even see why this is an issue that Heineken has to do a whole marketing campaign around it.. Aren't there bigger problems they could've address if they wanted to go down this route?
    Also, who the hell is this bartender who keeps messing up orders from different tables like they're portraiting on that one scene? Literally serving an order from one table to the other, it makes zero sense that scene.. What a chaotic service it must be if they don't take notes of which table ordered what and serve drinks solely based on appearance..
    Huh, I need a beer.. I mean, cocktail!

  25. My son is one year old but loooveez this ad like he understands.Well ✅ done

  26. So, no one gonn asssist with the son tittle? Anyone?

  27. Men that tried Heineken preferr cocktails afterwards. Thats the message I am getting from this commercial.

  28. My fav tv ad ever, just brilliant, every frame

  29. Parabéns lacrou manas 👏🏻🤣

  30. I don't think a guy should drink cocktails nor ciders for that matter But I'd love to know the song and artist.

  31. Thats soo not true but ok

  32. Awful commercial. Walking behind this terrible woke hysteria. What should I learn from this? Heineken is an women beer?

  33. This never happens. Only shitty wait staff would mix up the drinks on a table, and mixing them up between tables? Come on. Of course men drink cocktails. Ridiculously over stereotyped ad.

  34. This is the best commercial I have ever seen, man drink beer and women drink wine. No don’t start labelling! LOVE THIS🤩

  35. Where can I find this version of the song?

  36. Just saw this ad and looked it up, that's "got milk" level advertising.. Well done Heineken!

  37. Stop eens met deze irritante reclame!

  38. cocktails have more alc. % Heineken

  39. Yes, I love the ad.
    Yes, I know the song.
    Yes, I know the original singer.
    Yes, I heard the song on The First Wives Club.

    But please, please, who sings this song in this ad? Who is she? Is she married?

    Shazam and Spotify can't help me… Can you?

  40. I don’t get it why would you sell cocktails to your target audience as a beer brand?

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