Neem is a tree. The bark, leaves, and seeds are used to make medicine. Less frequently, the…


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  1. How much of neem should children or teenagers take?

  2. Побольше таких видео, хотя от куда взять столько времени

  3. We call it arobaini the leaves are very bitter but helps to treat malaria.

  4. We have it in my home village. The leaves can be taken in hot water and taken as tea which is good for digestion and help with immunity.

  5. Do u think it can help Morgellans? Please reply…im SUFFERING!!!

  6. I have some powder , haw to eat it ? It is so bitter !

  7. I had a dream about this Neem and googled it. It’s exactly what I NEED. Thank you God ❤

  8. Known as Kohomba in Sri Lanka. Commonly seen. Has a long list of medicinal benefits.

  9. I wonder how beneficial it is to cure psoriasis ? I know some suffering from it and i gave them cbd based product, but maybe neem oil is better?

  10. Waste of time. I was waiting for benefits if we consume it.

  11. Nice Information. Neem is very useful in skin and blood disorders. Planet Ayurveda has the best formulation of neem capsules.

  12. 1:29 why is your map not showing whole of india?

  13. Can we swallow neem leaves instead of chewing them? Will doing this also benefitted?

  14. Does neem cure the dandruff problem?

  15. Neem is in now in the Philippines as well.

    Since i used it in my plants as pestecide and fungicide… I search about the benefits in skin too. And now i am using it as first aid in minor and major sick, desease in my family. Like headache, muscle cramps, massage in the body, wounds, cut skin, itchy skin, mosquito bites, any skin problems, i used in the face as well as medicine for acne, spots, and more! ….

    Thank you for very informative info. My knowledge is more increase about neem.

    But i'd like to encourage everyone that this kind of tree is the LORD creates…. Nothing can be only the Creator Jesus Christ alone 🙏!

    Thank you Lord for this kind of tree… and many more trees in the world which is we can use in our health… All glory to you LORD 🙏…

  16. I feel dirty having herpes as the former herpes patient imagined I would certainly die with herpes, Till I uncovered the natural cure of Dr. Ogudugu on YouTube that transformed my lifetime within 2 short weeks with no side effects

  17. I have told myself that i will keep on shearing Dr. Ogudugu on YouTube good deals on how he was able to cure me from herpes virus using his roots and herbs.

  18. So can u take these as pills?

  19. Nice video sir very good explained people can also use Planet Ayurveda Neem Powder for the better results, So I'm highly recommend for all try powder. There products are herbal products without any side effect.

  20. INDIAN AYURVEDA has got solutions to all ailments. It is just that we are not able to promote it .other countries are just implementing our ayurveda knowledge and relaunching in a different form , which has been written in Indian ayurveda centuries before.

  21. Why I the heck would you have the cartoon man wearing a mask!!!?

  22. Let the lady speak what she knows, stop overtaking her.

  23. I got rid of scabies in a matter of days by ingesting neem and turmeric capsules. It’s incredibly effective as a nontoxic pesticide. And works better than the junk American doctors suggest.

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