He Wants Her Back After 8 Years (Unedited Clip)

He Wants Her Back After 8 Years (Unedited Clip)



  1. You are doing a good job my guy! Exceptional content!

  2. He should leave the girl alone. The girl shouldn't accept him back

  3. It’s late I think, he should move on

  4. This girl wasn't destined for your friend.He wasn't patient enough to study the girl and create a stable relationship with her bc the girl was still very naive,now she has encountered exposure bc the present girl was focused and ready to settle…

  5. The guy should move on, and I must give the lady big kudos for her maturity. Is all the guys fault maybe in his next relationship he should know is for 2 ppl not just for what he wants

  6. Well you said she’s with someone else, and she is happy in her relationship, tell your friend to look for something else to get busy with, looks like his not busy, after 8 years, now he wants to spoil someone’s happiness, the truth is that if he get with her, they not going to last in relationship, because someone made her who she is, there’s this saying that says, if you love someone, make him/her what you want, because someone else may do what you can’t do.

  7. He needs to let her go and find peace because she has made her peace and I think maybe distancing himself from her for a while might help him move on and find someone else.

  8. Your Frnd should take a chill pill. He needs to move on….after 8 yrs its a long time! The girl is happy and he should be happy for her n move on

  9. Maybe the girl changed because the guy left her . Its could be possible. The guy should move on , since the girl is already in a Relationship and she love the guy she is currently with , so the guy should let her be. But when she said she still love your friend, then your friend should try and win her back again. Talkinv or chatting with ones else doesn't always mean that there is still love there. That's what I thought is advisable. And even if the girl decides to come back to your friend, I think the Relationship won't be like before again.

  10. People can enjoy travelling and still hate going out. They are two different lifestyles and she could have also evolve after gaining more maturity. Why does your friend want her back after 8 yrs🤔? He should pls leave her alone especially now that she's found a man that loves her. He shouldn't be the reason she would miss this chance of true love. Love is not easy to find oh 🚶🏾‍♀️

  11. What does he need advice for? He should just move on!
    People change- 8 years is a very long time. She probably didn’t like going out then, she was new to it, young, probably had parents dictating her life, didn’t know exactly what she likes..
    But she grew up, got more experience, she got to develop her likes and dislikes. He is probably a good guy but usually women do not call men from from their past, and say hey, I like that now 😂😂 People don’t do that.
    We moved on with others!

    He will be okay. Find someone else 😊

  12. Because the girl is still chatting with him doesn't mean she has any feelings for him ooo… She met the right guy who knows how to change her and blend her into what he wants already…. Your friend should forget about the girl

  13. He should let go. Life goes on @Mecksoncrown.

  14. Sometimes not all relationship are met to be together. He should move on with his life

  15. He should move on and let her be.

  16. The new guy blended her. That's what he would have done.

    Let him forget about the lady.

  17. That ur friend should just move on, he should allow that lady to be in peace and look for someone else.

  18. Please tell your friend to take the initiative and let go.
    We don't want another Ataga's situation.
    It's not fair to the present guy she's dating. This is how it starts. God forbid.

  19. I think she should just stay with the man she is with now everybody change

  20. Its was like 7+ years ago. People evolve people change. Its normal

  21. He should leave her alone because he’s really going to get his heart broken … like when he probably broke hers years before! He should respect their relationship and move on. Also, the girl should stop speaking to him because it seems like it’s giving him mixed signals 😔

  22. That story sounds familiar. Tell your friend to move on and not to use his own selfishness to destroy the lady relationship

  23. If e love her and wished to be with her let him go with ful force invite her talk to her ABT marriage and put effort let her know and feel e want to marry her then let him give her the ring in some weeks and if she refused let him move on

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