Hallie Jackson NOW – Feb. 8 | NBC News NOW

Hallie Jackson NOW – Feb. 8 | NBC News NOW

New reports say Johnson & Johnson is shutting down their only factory that makes the Covid-19…


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  1. Anyone else notice, she wears the same thing every single episode?

  2. President Biden, South Korea, next president, Choi yun-sik I,

    Xi Jinping. translation request

    https://youtu.be/xzkgF9dP7V0 ………

  3. President Biden, South Korea, next president, Choi yun-sik I,

    Xi Jinping. translation request

    https://youtu.be/xzkgF9dP7V0 ………

  4. Lmao butt covering time right nbc???? Why aren't you talking about the Duram Report???

    Still Fake News.

  5. When will the DOJ support international shutdown of fentanyl oxycodone tetracycline LED manufacture process..

  6. The normal safe vaccine is being ignored for the potentially dangerous vaccines. We should not tolerate potentially dangerous vaccines. A safe vaccine is easily chosen but a dangerous misconception of biotechnology had to be imposed. We should look closely at the vaccines and arrest the murderous imposition of cell line injections.

  7. J and j is not a room temperature vaccine for coronavirus. If it was a normal standard vaccine for coronavirus it would be shipped and stored at room temperature. None of the frozen or refrigerated vaccines are not based on synthetic spike protein antigen. This technology is potentially dangerous misconception of biotechnology popularized by George Bush administration claiming they were developing cell lines for medicine. This is not a possible effort. A cell line is a cancer regardless of origin of the cells and an injection will result in cancer. We are grossly misinformed about vaccines and viral epidemics. The specious vaccines are causing endemic instead of eradicated epidemic.

  8. All those truckers should be charged daily for what they're costing our countries! These empty headed deliberately misinformed by Republican senators and fox propaganda! AND other propaganda media, are not heroes defending democracy! these are misinformed fools doing the bidding for Trump and his business partners Russia ,China, turkey, Syria ,Iranian national guard and a few 1% of who are racist! All facts!! Trump's business partners are the dictators of the world!! Who found a way to fill the pockets of crooked Republican senators are now the voice of white supremacist terrorist groups , Russian propaganda , who encouraged domestic terrorism, who speak against the vaccine although they are all safely vaccinated to spare them the anguish these Republican traitors encourage others to endure! The Republicans parties deliberate misinformation about the vaccine! holds our countries economy and lives hostage! 174 Republican senators and 17 Republican AG signed their names to a COUP and BETRAYED THEIR OATH TO OUR GOVERNMENT!!! WITH full knowledge that what they were signing was a fabricated proven lie of voter fraud, by Trump and these Republicans senators THAT had no standing or merits in our courts! All sign their names to give their fabricated lie of voter fraud the appearance of legitimacy!!! All to benefit the Republican traitors to America!! OUR GOVERNMENT AND CITIZENS MUST Hold all TRAITORS ACCOUNTABLE for their crimes against our government, our citizens and humanity!! THIS IS WHY ALL AMERICANS YOUNG AND OLD MUST UNITE AND LET THE BLUE WAVE FILL the SENATE AND THE HOUSE!! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! MENTION AND SINEMA MUST BE THROWN OUT AND REPLACED! HUMANITY CANNOT AFFORD IDIOTS TO HOLD POSITIONS IN OUR GOVERNMENT !! ALLOW AMERICA AND HUMANITY TO HEAL AND EVOLVE!! HOLD ALL IDIOTS AND LIARS POLITICAL AND MEDIA ACCOUNTABLE!!!!

  9. So she got sexual harassed. Sound realiestic. I thought vR was suppose to be realistic

  10. Trump made phone calls omg . This is soòo bad. Jan 6 committee keeps finding amazing useless infomation.

  11. J&J has millions of doses stockpiled and decided they can meet commitments. Why is this even an issue? Lol i guess we gotta complain about nonissues

  12. Send them food and clothes, build houses, and not give Covid 19 vaccines, Satan.

  13. Joe Biden and the rest of the (elites) presidents spent over $30 trillion dollars building prisons since 1980s. Now free crack pipes 🤣🤣😂🙂🤣 FREE. This is biblical GENESIS 15:13

  14. @halle Jackson , "but her emails"

  15. That black mirror episode is now real life

  16. Avatar Harassment! Lmfaoo 😂. You cant make this stuff up. I bet the avatar now needs therapy lol

  17. Maga p.o.s's would definitely stick out at that school like a sore thumb

  18. Humm Could it be that J&J is just doing what the other huge corporations are doing? You know, manipulating the supply to raise the cost/profit.

  19. No one cares. No one scared of your covid and everybody that is going to take your Abomination has already done so. So you might as well shut it down. Let's see what you come up with next

  20. Stop using video game audio sounds when flipping between video clips… or EVER!!!

  21. National archives: look for all documents with Cheeto dust and ketchup stains

  22. If there are American truckers involved in the protest in Canada, deport them and ban them from entering the country again.

  23. Who was the judge that gave an attempted murder suspect a 100k bail….???

  24. Virtual sexual assault is not real. You can not have sexual assault when there is a block button

  25. Can't wait till this B S station goes the way of CNN

  26. No mention J and J vaccine is ineffective given mutations

  27. Note how much vaccine has been thrown out in low income countries due to citizens not willing to take the vaccine, I live in one lack of trust of authorities.

  28. You cannot bully your way into the country changing covid mandates..

  29. Like 911 commission totally absent of the salient truth.

  30. McConnell almost reminded us that a person spoke about electors sent without the States finishing the counting of absentee ballots.

  31. Polio is caused by coronavirus and Salk vaccine could have eradicated this virus again if the normal vaccine for coronavirus was used instead of dangerous misconception of biotechnology we're clinging to everything.

  32. A vaccine that is frozen or refrigerated should be examined for cells and cell lines before injection to avoid cancer. The least effort we should expect and watch.

  33. Great show, but so hard to get through with the needless and constant electronic noises on transition between seemingly every segment. A shame such a great journalist has to have her reporting covered up by these pointless sound effects.

  34. We are all done with the pandemic… SO? The question NEEDS to be "Is it done with us?"…. I don't think it is. Stay safe out there everyone.

  35. SVR stepping up disturbances in the U.S. – and other places?

  36. Everybody should be wearing mask everybody schools buses on the street wear a mask it's not over yet

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