Hair Transplant Experience & Update | Asli Tarcan Hair Clinic | Istanbul, Turkey

Hair Transplant Experience & Update | Asli Tarcan Hair Clinic | Istanbul, Turkey

Here is the highly requested update on my hair transplant experience in Istanbul, Turkey at the Asli Tarcan clinic. In this video, I…


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  1. And if you’ve ever seen the lives that the YouTuber RIO is talking about you’d know and be able to tell real recognize real

  2. Looks good. Nice coverage. You doing one more in later years? Or are you done

  3. Been a fan of the Channel for 8 years and the one thing I’ll say is you consistent youve shown integrity and self awareness all thru it big ups my G

  4. Very chaotic experience, Im booked in AT for next month however Im prepared for the worse… I know exactly what i want no matter how much they try to upsell, you won’t get into my pockets! Thank you for this🙏🏾

  5. After watching taken, i wudda went there with someone. I was thinking this since the first video.

  6. I really just sat her and watched this whole video

  7. Anyone knows who the "narcissistic, selfish" YouTuber is that Rio is talking about?

  8. Welp it looks like I'll be bald the rest of my life…

  9. Damn I thought you and dude were friends. But thats usually how it goes. Never really know how some people are behind the scenes.

    Respect the way you went about explaining the situation. Made sure it wasnt bitter or malicious. Just straight forward and honest.

  10. Got Damn Bro! A Bald head is looking good to me!

    Thanks for sharing Bro!

  11. So you got hair implants why are you still wearing hats???? This is why you might have lost your hair in the first place , don’t wear hats unless you haven’t gotten your hair cut or your too lazy to brush it. Your covering your hair follicles they need fresh air . Well done tho l getting mine just in the left side next year nothing too much.

  12. How is the hair going??

  13. Thanks for sharing bro, buddy was upselling like a used car salesmen

  14. thanks for the informative video but I must say you are a funny guy 🤝😂💯lol

  15. The hairline is perfect you look normal.

  16. 100 grafts per sq inch is crazy 😂 the normal amount is 50 usually when it’s that dense u can actually kill blood supply by having so many new grafts

  17. I couldn’t do it, but hats off for going through with the process. Very informative video

  18. I got a shot on my butt when I had pneumonia! Lol

  19. Bro am going for my second ans was in about the same as you. You only need about 1500 graft. 3000 to much. You Donner area wont get much better, so you might just have to be getting a fade. Am having my second and the max I will let them take is 1000 because any improvement is an improvement

  20. Did you have to send a photo of your passport and your e-ticket to the sales rep via WhatsApp?

  21. Do you know How short you can cut your hair after the transplant?

  22. After how many days / weeks did you get the infection ?

  23. Thank you for the honest review, Bro! Great job #Respect

  24. If you have gotten it any lower you would look unnatural, your hairline look great.👍🏾

  25. You need to wait 48 hours to wash/clean right? Why this people do this next day, thou ??

  26. So it means when you start the hair transplant thing ,you will be doing it every 4 years I don't get it?

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