Guinea-Bissau: President survives coup attempt | DW News

Guinea-Bissau: President survives coup attempt | DW News

Guinea-Bissau President Umaro Sissoco Embalo said stability was restored on Tuesday, after a…


  1. Use air support if you wanted to succeed,, target internet services and shout down major airwaves.Silly coup attempt, who planned it .lol

  2. these countries do like 3 year coups , that means in total , the whole of historical india has had 5 coups .(They stopped happening after the 1750s and haven't happened since.) Which is 2x less than those countries prob do in 30 years.

  3. 😭❀️ my beloved Guiné

  4. Dont worry, their recognition of Kosovo saved them.
    Serbia genocide Kosvo

  5. When the west see’s something like this in Africa then western countries they become happy.smh

  6. Just another week in Africa

  7. What is this a coup season?

  8. Guinea-Bissau has some of the most beautiful people in the world. I wish nothing but prosperity to this country’s people. May they find good government and peace.

  9. Coup is not Good for Africa

  10. I respect Guinea Bissau deeply in my heart. Lay down your arms. Peace is SWEET. Peace, love and unity brings joy in our society. Together We Stand

  11. The coup plotters must face firing squad without any delayance

  12. Was it really an attempted coup or an excuse to subjugate or get rid off some political opponents ?

  13. Well, Trump and MAGA in America can cross this one off their 'How-to-Coup' examples.

  14. If people don't want you why don't you step down

  15. THis is CFA franc's prison break

  16. Africa is still under European racist neo colonist control that's why this things are happening!!!

  17. Our owned will Not failed. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ₯Ί

  18. What’s up with with the all the Coups in Africa in the last year? All along the same belt of the Sahel as well, are France and China fighting a proxy war for influence in the region?

  19. It’s not gonna be in a democracy if you have Islam in your country

  20. They saw a video of the coup in USA !
    That's why YouTube should put back the dislikes count…

  21. Ah Africa! Even the entire Continent is shaped as a turd.

  22. Ridiculous saying coups are not acceptable. What should an oppressed people do against a corrupt AF gov?? Rely on the UN πŸ™„

  23. UN should keep away from African affairs because they don't know the damage their democracy has cost the less privilege. In Africa

  24. Otherwise called a Tuesday in Guinea

  25. Since we are accustomed and wired to never take responsibility for bad governance, I lead my fellow Africans in blaming France, ooh sorry, Portugal for the attempted coup.

  26. Note to self: if you’re gonna do a coup, make sure you have Toyota trucks.

  27. I wouldn't be surprised to see Putin, Xi Jinping or both behind this. They are stirring up unrest wherever they can.

  28. I really need a Coup in Equatorial Guinea
    That guy over there is real something
    He needs to Go or be done with together with his Son……

  29. We’re witnessing a revolution

  30. just a matter of time, I'm telling you all.

  31. I wonder which European nation plotted this one

  32. Who listens to Guterres! I wonder! His audience is always in the wind

  33. I have been saying it more are coming but nobody is taking me seriously because I'm from the street. I said something about putsch in Guinea-Bisssu just two weeks ago, that's on January 20th and here we are.

  34. Trumpism–in one form or another, has spread like the plague. A clear sign that Democracy is dying, and authoritarianism is rising again.

  35. oof, heads will be rolling, for everyone.

  36. sheesh, is it coup season? What's that since 2020 – 15 coups now?

  37. Another day, another coup attempt smh

  38. The African Spring is breaking loose. First South Africa snapped in July, now it spreads.

  39. Way too many coups in Africa in the past 2 years.

  40. This shows the world how "democracy" does not work so well. People got corrupted.

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