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  1. Anyone knows the name of the song?

  2. Is Ethiopia open for tourism now? I wanna go

  3. We should be doing this all across Africa ❤✊🏿👊🏿

  4. Ethiopia is a great country.

  5. Yes this is what i want for africa!!

  6. Mother of Africa Ethiopia 🇪🇹

  7. Respect! This is how people deserve to come home 💓😌💪🏼

  8. Praises to the Most High!! Every African nation should open her doors like this to all of Her children. Looks good on you Mama Ethiopia 🇪🇹 ♥️

  9. Greetings from Chicago USA. Give Thanks To The Most High CREATOR Of All The Creation. If The CREATOR Of All The Creation is Willing I shall Be Home Soon. AfriCans Will Overcome By The Will Of The Most High CREATOR Of All The Creation. Reconciliation Of The AfriCans Spirit's… The CREATOR Of All The Creation Is Judge And Juror The Only ONE Worthy of Worshipping….

  10. More of this Africans and African in the diaspora, it is needed and it is beneficial for Africa and the diasporans.

  11. May I pls be the 1st, of white ppl, in Amer. ( boston ) to joyfully, share ululu-ation, about the roots return to home. I admire, listen, pay heed, and fight against your oppressors. A million Italians, who love reggae music, wrestle with their families to realize the issue of colonial usurpation. Old as the hills, new a today’s victoriy🇲🇱👈🏽💥

  12. This is just how it should be in all Asian and African Countries – how nice when one day we all could leave faren Countries for our own Countries , this is the biggest win for Asia and Africa and …..

Roots Afrikiko
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