Gravitas Plus: The Metaverse Explained

Gravitas Plus: The Metaverse Explained

Gravitas Plus | 2022 is expected to be the year of Metaverse. A virtual universe where reality…


  1. The masses are already brain dead so this is perfect for them.

  2. With the new age of Metaverse, the possibilities are endless !
    Create your free virtual world with us and explore for yourself 🙂

  3. Watch Anime sword art online

  4. It's all part of the great reset, and to make people not care about the real world. When the great reset becomes succesful in the eyes of Klaus Shwab, I will be one of those Nomads walking in and living in the real world. Not in the cities controlled by totallitariams, but in the mountains and lush green forests which made the natural habitat of my ancestors.

  5. You did not mention the movie Matrix mam. It foretold this two decades ago.

  6. If you don't like it, don't use it.

  7. There should be option of report the user or block the user

  8. The only thing Americans need to worry about is whether they would have to pay taxes also on Metaverse.

  9. hey this video made me horrified i dont want to be in a virtual space with virtual friends and family i like the reality
    thank you so much for making this video i will always support you
    from pakistan

  10. Metaverse is beautifull


  12. Your explanation of Metaverse is very explicit. I so much look forward to your broadcast. I feel Metaverse is the next big thing and it's also going to be the foundation for many unseen problems.


  14. 95% people will fall in this trap including those who are preaching here, 95% of us already live in our own imaginary world, metaverse is just an extension of our imagination.

  15. This notion of a digital second life that has been around for many years. Metaverse are really getting our way to the future. I find it cool and entertaining. That's why I look forward for the launching of Metaversus and planned to be one of their citizen.

  16. Exactly people will be living in a false universe but we are heading in that direction because it's spearheaded by tech giants. The laws should keep up with technology to protect humanity.

  17. I dont really want this much!!

  18. whenever a void is smelt the nature provides the filler and "Metaverse" is the need of the hour! And always it is customary that misuse of the innovation is the routine process of ours as human beings!

  19. Studying programming, binary coding….it is something I never thought I would see in my time and this was in the 90s!
    It really is a different world and very scary. Really messed me up.

  20. Every parent I know struggling managing kids screen time and big tech harvesting our data. Metaverse is just extracting last remnants of humanity and reality we live in. At best it’s just high tech entertainment, we can’t eat digital food, take digital medicine or feel warmth of emoji hug.

  21. your judgment at the end is biased, as it tells your opinion, not what others think, we are already living in the digital age, people spend more time on social media, and with actual, metaverse extends that further or elevates it, less than 1 percent of people know this technology or even experienced VR. why not live up to people to decide. Your team that feeds you this material has not done proper homework.

  22. your content is good for people who don't know but the way you say it, it sounds like breaking news, why sensationalize it, can have an neutral voice too

  23. Imagine how depressing it would be to celebrate your birthday with VR with a virtual cake and friends and then you take off your VR headset and realise you're actually all alone…

  24. Hello if you interesting with VR game, metaverse like me, how about Zombie World Z? Maybe you like it. You can hunt boss and get profits, around 20 days ROI to re back your investment. Gameplay also great!

  25. How do we even define how a metaverse should function? In reality humans have limited physical capabilities but in the metaverse we can be superheroes with special abilities or god like beings – its all digital. If I'm going to be restricted to all the same limitations that the real world offers I see no point in subjecting myself to a metaverse.

  26. A world where people can interact, meet, shop, party, even build a house…. Aren’t we doing that already? It’s for the disabled. Or losers. In my opinion.

  27. This woman have made me love knowledge… She is just too extraordinary… Far beyond meta verse it self…

  28. Excellent term " imprisoned reality" and i agree.

  29. This is one of the best presentation on metaverse.your topics are relevant and presented in a captivating manner.keep it up palki who is the best anchor in the world.

  30. Look at the background of this video it looks all blurry…..

    It's like she is in a "Metaverse"

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