GISTLOVER IS A 419ner? Sabinus And A Runs Girl, MC Oluomo And E Money

GISTLOVER IS A 419ner? Sabinus And A Runs Girl, MC Oluomo And E Money

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  1. "No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist." –

  2. Judy is stupidity magnified. If she has gotten far, destroying May home will not make her proud or happy. Her low self esteem is screaming for attention.

  3. I mean, at this point, this second wife is all Yul has, so he has to do her biddings. There is no going back now. Praying for May because this is truly heartbreaking. I can’t imagine what she is going through. Hmm. God have mercy.

  4. Mr Jollof shud stfu he forgot when he came to dubai 2019 and for 1 week he was there na ashewo him just dey carry. I was wit him and he is always looking for olosho. Stupid man

  5. Afternoon Aje le le yi oo.. the guts, the nerves, I am in AWE!!! ALU EME eeyaa!!!!!!!

  6. Local clout chaser looking for cheap popularity.Who brought their marriage to the internet??is it not Yul??So May should have died of depression.Since the dead of their son who is all over the internet??Is it not Yul and Judy??This guy needs to be placed where he will get sense.Stupid fool.

  7. Leave story…Judy was advising her bff's work on how to lock a man down and make him do whatever you want then what are we to believe?people don't support her because of her actions. She is celebrating while her "husband" just lost a child a month ago. Is that right? Make she borrow sense abeg🙄. God also said do not take another woman's husband o

  8. Gislover ke🤣🤣😂won ti gba werey😂gistlover go con collect 150k tahhh, na so apostles accuse am, until they find out it was someone else who collected the money🤣😂😂😂money and power from the same source, Tinubu is their link we all know nah, its not about tribe, na thr link

  9. Yul Edochie's second wife is sounding serene and cool. I hope she will be happy if the same thing is done to her. That is, to see that her husband has another child from another woman. Treat others how you want them to treat you.

  10. Have we forgotten that Gistlover said E-money is Jagaban’s boy? The one managing his drug business? If the story is true, what’s the common denominator between E-money and Mc Olumo? No be me talk o, na you make the connection by yourself.

  11. Welcome back to our channel and thanks Abraham 👍💯

  12. Mc Oluomo is not Educated to understand what E-money Did and if ur Complaining about tribal sentiment what make u Different?, that is wisdom we are one Nigeria you that understand that! show them that did not understand it not paying evil for evil that is my opinion. Healing process and if Obi become President all the same.

  13. I'm high while listening to this and I interpret what you said about Judy/Yul relationship as "Controlling him by appealing to his EGO"

  14. Stupid boy with no brain. Bird of the same feather. In your fish brain, do you think May is still interested in the second hand garbage husband? To hell with you, Judy and Yul. Recognition.

  15. Did I hear that guy say may puts up yul for dragging? He's very stupid, yul puts himself up for dragging. I won't respond to the other gibberish nonsense he said🙄

  16. I know it not the real gistlover 😂

  17. The ashimu lady speak natural n act as well the way she presented her stories
    N is very possible she grew on her own, with no man attached

  18. If sabinus like make him sleep with olosho n okpo .. eheee
    Watin concern me 🤷🏽‍♂️🤔

  19. Who doesn't know the connection between E-money, BAT and MC Oluomo? The dr*g cartel of course.
    it's not just about the money, but the evil bizness

  20. This fool talking about May go an borrow brain, if he want to get a second wife he should have told the wife at home not on social media, I can't understand how grown man will come and talk rubbish on social media, go and sleep

  21. I’m so happy for that man after 11 years, only when it really belongs to him.
    Don’t get me wrong but trust me women can go to any length to do things you can’t imagine..

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