Ghana Tea Bread | Step By Step | Recipe | Lovystouch

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Ghana Tea Bread | Step By Step | Recipe | Lovystouch

There’s an absolute pure joy when you wake up to freshly baked homemade bread! My absolute favorite bread is the Ghana tea bread, the process in making this is an easy one. No machine needed you just need very few ingredients and right measurements and you are good to go!

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  1. God really bless you sweety…..I am currently in Iraq and i have been craving for Ghana tea bread and you brought it straight to me….i wish i could show you the results…i served mine with some sardine mix with onion and some Fanta 🎉❤

  2. Hello dear , please also I’m Germany but trying to follow your procedure but my bread ain’t Turing out ok , I think my flour isn’t working , which flour do you recommend for me , cause I’m here we deal with numbers . Thank you

  3. Thanks so much for sharing, Am a new subscriber, please last time I try to do tea bread but the problem is everything was ok just that the inside was soft like bofrot, meanwhile I wanted the inside to be stretch(tentan) please what goes wrong with my bread, please I need solutions 😁😁