Ghana debates harsh new anti-LGBTQ bill | DW News

Ghana debates harsh new anti-LGBTQ bill | DW News

Members of the LGBTQ community in Ghana say their lives will become a nightmare if a new bill is…


  1. beastiality inclusion surely..

  2. LGBTQ: “why are people so rude to us”
    Also LGBTQ: has an entire month for themselves
    meanwhile veterans get 1 day

  3. OMG. Just leave gay people alone. To live open and freely is the hallmark of any democratic society and normal human values. We would have no creative industries

  4. “I think we have more things to talk about and not what someone does in his or her bedroom“👏🏾

  5. This matter should be the least of their worries there are more important things for Africa they need to focus on……….for example poverty, economy, jobs, housing, etc………….. there are a lot more things to focus on why should anyone else care if they don't care do they speak for God ………NO this matter should be the least of their problems for Ghana.

  6. Why do the west think they can impose every culture of theirs on us? If everyone has the right to do whatever they want, why do they not legalise polygamy too in their countries?…..somethings don't just add up at all!! I can tell you; the more you openly talk about this issue in Ghana the more it poses a bigger threat to those advocates. I sometimes marvel at how people can reason to develop a sophisticated system that can take people to the Moon but can't have the common sense to know that some things do not just make sense. I'm so flabbergasted!!!!!!!

  7. What so crazy to me is that a lot of African counties are showing the same hatred to LGBTQ people in their countries that Europeans showed to us during slavery and even to today! The irony!

  8. I’m Ghanaian and disgusted that we still are discriminatory to LGBTQ people they are human like us and the reason why they are like that leads back to slavery when the white people brought their religion to Africa

  9. Sad af . This is actually hurting people. Its one thing to believe something its a whole different thing to discriminate against people for how they are born.

  10. Mixing religion with politics should be a crime.

  11. despite of its problems and defaults, in africa the man acts like a man and the woman acts like a woman there is nothing in between. point final

  12. Leave Africa alone! The annoying thing is that they use our own to set us up e.g this journalist and Obama

  13. Ghanaian LGBT people we from all over the world see you and love you! Come out and fight fascism, fight for your rights ❤🖤💚💛

  14. The churches and and mosques need to be held accountable for making lgbt people scapegoats. This is a global issue when they could just let people be happy

  15. Wonder how ppl see pope Francis next nowadays (tho it’s something different)

  16. Are those people being gay doing this b’cos of poverty or what, Ghana 🇬🇭 my mother land

  17. I just can't imagine what would happen if an African country tried to interfere with the law America established 😖

  18. There's laws seem fair & merciful

  19. Hey little boy… Who are you you to decide who I should love?

  20. If they don’t feel safe you westerners can get and keep them 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 don’t force your values on other cultures when they are not following the same path! Not long a go germang and us were punishing them and sending them to psycologist . Now they have more rights than any others! They made 28 other gender pronouns. You can memorize those and use in your literature but dnot force feed you sexual fantacies down our throats. We don’t support abusing and assault but we don’t legally encourage lgbtq community either. Not every single movie has to have gay person in it for the sake political correctness

  21. Way before British invaded Ghana, it highly accepted homosexual behavior.

  22. Being anti-gay comes from western countries during colonial era

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