Geoguessr Tips – How To Tell African Countries Apart

Geoguessr Tips – How To Tell African Countries Apart

Hello everybody and welcome back! This is my first ever tip video so let me know in the comments…


  1. Kenya – 1:40
    Uganda – 2:19
    Lesotho – 3:18
    Eswatini – 4:08
    Tunisia – 5:07
    Nigeria – 6:24
    Ghana – 7:48
    Senegal 8:42
    Botswana – 9:40
    South Africa – 10:41

  2. Wtf
    Why'd you go to the bad parts🤨
    You tryna induce more stereotypes or what?

  3. The funny thing about tunisia is if you just show me the sun i can tell if it's tunisia or not

  4. Thanks man I really appreciate it

  5. another thing to note about lesotho is that there are very few trees there, a lot of the landscape is quite bare. great vid!

  6. thank you so much for the video, loved it and helped a lot!

  7. Also remember that Eswatini used to be Swaziland. You'll see that on some signs.

  8. There is some in Tanzania too. Its some guy with camera on mountain. Its rare.

  9. This is one of the most helpful videos
    . Great work.

  10. In Kenya, the smaller one on the left side is actually a mirror not a snorkel like the large one on the right

  11. you forgot madagascar but anyway great guide my friend

  12. south africa does not always have those circles right? I stumbled upon a few south africa ones who did not have these circles

  13. Ghana is not the only country with the tape on the roof! One of those little islands to the east of Madagascar also has it. Also, doesnt madagascar have streetview too?
    Great video, keep it up man!!

  14. Tunisia also has a lot of signs in French. This can be helpful when trying to figure out if you're in UAE, Jordan or Tunisia.

  15. Lesotho also has greener parts with pointy mountains, e.g. around Mokhotlong.

  16. what about the canary islands

  17. I sometimes recognize Tunesia for the red and white curbs just like Israel, and then in combination with the number plates

  18. nice vids my man very helpful

  19. thank you so much youre awesome

  20. Thank you for this, an Eastern Europe guide would help!

  21. I don't know how common it is but you can get French in Tunisia as well, you'll probably get a mix of Arabic and French but French does exist on some like shop signs there.

  22. i got fucking namibia i thought there was no cars there wtf

  23. Hey hobbit, it’s 28chaz, this was on my recommended

  24. Thanks a lot for these tips they helped me a lot as example those Nigeria Senegal and Uganda tips because It’s pretty hard for me to see the difference on those countries.
    Could you also make a tip video about central/eastern Europe countries as example slavic countries and Hungary etc. because thats the most difficult area to me in GeoGuessr.

  25. My recommendation would be how to differentiate central/east europe countries, and northern europe countries as well. I always get cofused about all the slavic eastern languages and a tip video of these countries would be very helpful. Thx and nice vid btw helped me a lot.

  26. That’s so helpful mate thank you, a Southeast Asia video would be nice !

  27. 8:10 In Réunion you get tape on the rear right side. It's also geographically a part of Africa.

  28. The Tunisian follow car can also sometimes be in front of you, but usually it's behind. Something to not get confused on :D

  29. Legend, respect from Ireland

  30. Can you do an Eastern Europe video?

  31. 1:45 that's actually not a snorkel… it's a mirror to see the front bumper. Still only in Kenya though.

  32. Love the vid plz do eastern europe they always get me confused

  33. This helped a lot! thanks😄

  34. Can you make a video on how to differentiate Scandinavian countries. Would be great!!

  35. This is really helpful! The areas I really struggle with are South America and Central/Eastern Europe. A similar video on those would be great!

  36. Super helpful video! A similar video with South America would be awsome!

  37. Wow this was gold! Thanks. Please do Eastern Europe 🙏

  38. My recommendation is to invite me to one of your competitions :)

  39. When will other African countries get street view? Any predictions?

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