Game On S1E4: A Massage Too Far

Game On S1E4: A Massage Too Far

Tega is confused by all he has recently discovered about Saze, and Mayowa takes things to the next level in her plan to get Leye to see…


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  1. Leye said I want to kiss you like a kiss will solve the problem

  2. Ahn ahn!! Petals and candles!! All this for exercise 😭💀😂

  3. Abeg Leye is fine wine…..whatttt😩😍

  4. Title of this episode: Childish Games 😆😆😆

  5. I LOL when the masseuse walked out 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Leye has a ring but can't kneeel down and do the rightful thing…

    Mayowa na small workout make you dey moan ni?

  7. Should not have taken her money bruv

  8. Lol. What will happen if they just open their mouths and talk..

  9. Why is nobody talking about this leye's stupid beard seff
    Nawa oo

  10. Communication is key people… We will keep singing it to the ends of the earth!!!

  11. Hiiiaannnn!!! Is all I'm going to say until I watch the next episode😂

  12. People (women) keep commenting o saze isn’t cheating saze isn’t cheating, the under g lifestyle she’s currently living. Is it ok? If a guy was moving mad like this would it be ok? Now taking her money is a huge no no.

  13. The comments section is a whole web series of its own 😂😂😂 aahhh so much love from 🇰🇪 Kenya!!!! And I think Shalewa/ Jasmine would be best friends with Saze 😂😂😂😂 cheeiii….

  14. All this underlying issues would have been resolved if they could just open their mouth and talk to each other instead of talking behind backs

  15. Can these people open their mouths and communicate tori olorun?

  16. Awwwwnnnn 😍😍 17:30 was so cute tho

  17. Wtf 😳
    Did that guy use his wife’s business money to pay rent without telling her? This is ultimate disrespect.
    He’s too passive aggressive for me, just ask her.

  18. Tbh I feel osaze is not being supportive, I feel tega is suppose to know about the money she got. Her keeping that from him is not nice in my opinion, she should understand that he is trying his best and above they both should sit and have a proper conversation

  19. Lmao! Laye gives up way too quickly! It get so freaking irritating abeg. Tega on the other hand, king of passive aggressiveness. Wahala

  20. I honestly hate how that black guy relates with his supposed girlfriend. No form of "understanding talk" with her. I get it, you don't want to propose but don't act nonchalantly around her. he acts like he was dating her for convenience. it infuriates me. ok bye

  21. The confuse and unwise gal that is punishing her boyfriend for not putting a ring on it while sleeping with him for years is just pure ignorance…. why pressure him now? When u gave it for free.
    Maybe if you start thinking 🤔 like man, you might be able to convince him sooner.

  22. His wife ignored him when he communicated his need for money for his business💵 kinda immature thou🤷‍♀️ to ignore your husband like that. they should be investing together to build a home.

  23. A lot to learn from this series. Always communicate no matter what

  24. Some girls abi women are trying to justify saze’s doings … nawa for women ….

  25. After reading these comments … I fear women …..

  26. When is the next episode dropping 😢

  27. My own is who punished the instructor

  28. None of this couple is communicating, they all beating around the bush like they live in each other’s head. People don’t really know what you want until you talk. Funniest thing is the attitude we think we pull up to keep men end up to be what turns them off. I feel for Tega thou, it’s hard to believe your LOML is cheating, confronting them be so hard. Well you can’t tell what it really is until you talk about it thou. That Leye guy is 🥵 🔥

  29. The writer of this script is unrealistic where does such happen

  30. This mayowa isn't ready for marriage if this is how she intends getting a ring. What nonsense

  31. Aswerugud this tega na hoodlum

  32. haba. kilode.. wozaldis? una get PoP for maff? communicate!!!!

  33. Are you sure we are all showing the same show? Y'all do know that cheating doesn't have to be the sexual act itself right.

  34. OK sooo you hate that shez cheating but you like her supposedly proceeds from the cheating. How very rich and self righteous.

  35. This Tega's voice eeeeehn >>>>>>>> 😍😌

  36. Saze and Tega’s game have gone pro.
    😭 the other two are still playing secondary school games 🤣

  37. Hard guy! hard guy!!
    But you bought the ring

  38. Lmaoo see this particular episode is called WAHALA 🤣…I feel for Tega but why can’t he confront Saze? I mean he stole her money, cos she lied about having money doesn’t make it any less stealing. And see Mayowa ehn?! She and Leye need to have a long and good talk so they can understand where each of them is coming from. COMMUNICATION!

  39. Ndani no want spend money pay too many actors them create 4 man series… but My Omawunmi kills her roles everytime… every damn time

  40. On a lighter note, Tega has no right at all to take Saze's personal money no matter how angry he is.. At least he would have asked. What if the money wasn't hers🤦‍♀️

  41. No professional masseuse is spreading rose petals and lighting candles come on now.

  42. What if the girl is planning on using the money for something nice to surprise him?

  43. Leye and Mayowa are clowns😂

  44. I love the game between tega and osage…….lolz

  45. This Saze'S conundrum was the highlight o this episode for me… i can't stop laughing! for all you know she might not be cheating sha, Mayowa this is getting boring…

  46. This show is based on Yemi, Poe ft Falz song marry me

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