Game On S1E1: Look What I Found

Game On S1E1: Look What I Found

It’s Saze and Tega’s 4th year anniversary and their friends Mayowa and Leye are there to…


  1. What was in the brown envelope?

  2. How can u date someone for 4 to 5 years and still tell people u are not in a hurry…Na wa ooooo hmmmm

  3. Why does Ndani Tv like putting our women on straight wigs
    Abi one of your investors does wigs??

    Show some Natural hair once in a while biko
    Love you guys

  4. We are waiting for newer episodes oo
    Phaces is another great series and I believe it’s not only me waiting

  5. Yet another series uncompleted 😤

  6. Leye and I are on the same page…
    But no be d same book una dey read 🙄🙄

  7. See sweet ela 😂😂😂 the thing shock me

  8. Lmao can't she be transparent enough to her partner instead of vexing??? Hiannnn

  9. Ndanitv… Please bring back Phases. E dakun.

  10. What's with men not discussing their financial constraints with their wives? Then they go ahead and tell their friends. Why now?

  11. I'm laughing devilishly at the disappointment that is about to come for mayowa. 😂

  12. WHAT IS THIS CRAP!! Game On has Matthew, Martin and Mandy living together in an apartment in London!

  13. Ladies! Never move in with a guy you're not married to. I can tell you for a fact, a guy never feels he's ready. Never! Something has to propel him to do so and that has to be the fact that he desires to go to the next level in his life and he can't do that with anyone except you.

  14. Love to see Abimbola producing and directing this series 😊 power to the ladies 💪🏾

  15. A standing ovation for Abimbola Craig 👏👏👏👏👏. Such a brilliant and inspiring woman

  16. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16.
    Jesus loves you.
    If you wish to Surrender your life to Jesus Christ. Please repeat this…My Lord Jesus…I am a sinner…I come to you today…accept me as your son/daughter….wash me with your blood…I confess you as my Lord and personal saviour… In Jesus name. Amen
    Welcome into the family of God!

  17. Hope to find this very interesting as SGIT.

  18. I think i am late to the party !loving it already . Pls fellow fans , check out and subscribe to my family channel.. you'll be glad you did . Thanks

  19. OMG! What happened to my notification button? 2 months ago…Chineeeke

  20. Aisha is my Cousin,the lady that was proposed to @realviollicious❤️❤️.

  21. it was an honest mistake from his part o, girl be careful what you say at thee beginniing "i dont want to get married" now he will take your head to make case!

  22. Women and there mouth you said u weren't ready for marriage at first and here you are doing as if it's the fault of the man,but u forget what u said. men don't forget tins easily my dear.

  23. Ebenezer Eno, my girllllllll😊😊

  24. Ebenezer Eno…the BEST!!!

  25. I think I am the only one with no You tube friend😩

  26. Single people like me shouldn't be watching this o.. the love here is too much o

  27. Getting started with this series. Koopa from heaven and watching from somewhere near heaven!

  28. I just realized that a plot twist could be: at the end, when they go in for the hug- after he asks 'if that is a yes', He already knew she saw the ring he got for her so asking her if it was a yes, was he asking her and she saying yes ( to marry him). Aww but alas!

  29. I actually went back to see a time where they were "happier".
    Because, SIGH.

  30. 7:47
    Lmfaooo. How dumb that she stood up and took her friend to the kitchen when it came to food.
    The men just sat there.
    She actually took her friend and told her to "come",seeing as it's only women that cook.

  31. If you forget our anniversary,I'm leaving you.
    makes no sense whatsoever.

  32. This series just started and it's already misogynistic.

  33. Girl bye… he’s not a mind reader 😩💀 “I want you to want to propose” eisshh what a wow

  34. Okay so she's the only one that gets anniversary gift but her husband doesn't get any? Nawa o

  35. Dorathy’s with my Full chest ooh

  36. “I want you to want to propose" my head is paining me 🤦🏿‍♂️

  37. Omoooo this proposal twist can pain oooo

  38. When will I ever get to be on the cast of these kinda series😔🤧😭

  39. How come am now seeing this… Haba!

  40. I heard with “mfc” and I scream😂❤️ Reminds me of
    Dorathy Bachor

  41. Please skinny girl in transit nko???

  42. "will 600k do anything? " nothing like your guys looking out for you.

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