Future Tech in 2015

Future Tech in 2015

Imagine if this can be true . !!!!!


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  1. Liar it's 2018 and that clear TV is not even here yet

  2. … it's 2017 and we still don't have most of this

  3. It's 2017 and I haven't seen any stretching smartphones, mirror UIs or translucent PC monitors in person yet.

  4. To bad this didn't happen

  5. All of this is possible today except for the phone thing. But the reason we don't use this stuff right now is that its way expensive to do all this.

  6. Yeaaahhhhh the mirror glass tablet srsly???

  7. Now it is 2015, I don't see any of this.

  8. " You can imagine all you want but you can never avoid reality" I was about to watch " technology of the future 2019"  then i went back to this first… This is so inaccurate. I stop watching this now. I can assured you we are no different from now and 10 years later.. the only thing that will improve is what ever works out in the commercial world such as phone, TV ,computers and girls… they're the main thing. New high tech don't come out of tin air and it will only get better if the government are willing to invest in infrastructure etc (like jap). Here in Australia we still digging and the only things that improved are out digging tools. This has been for hundreds or years. The US continue to mass produce weapons while the German continue works with their engines, the french nuclear power, china cheap toys, Russian machinery etc. this will go on for less another 50 years 

  9. All of this is possible… Except the expanding phone.

  10. It's really funny how it's so inaccurate

  11. we are in 2014 this did not happen

  12. HAHAHAH super lame almost 2015 and not even a clear tv


  14. It's kinda impossible for this to happen next year :-/

  15. There's a roomer that we will be able to use something like google glass to see the world in different textures

  16. +Alex Linx

    Not 2 years away, 😐
    Less than a year until 2015…
    Only next year, duhhh

  17. Nahh Never gonna happen 

  18. We already have half of that technology… still 2 more years to go

  19. 0:13 We have an app for that. >:) 0:25 Never mind :(

  20. Watchin g in 2013 too,mmuch work for only two years

  21. Watching this i n 2013

  22. Guess no more porn at work if everyone can see our crap!

  23. Yeah 2017. This stuff will be rapid

  24. I'm pretty sure ey wouldn't leave out an option where you could black out the other side of the computer.

  25. This Future Tech is only for rich people. I´m not interested in it. Thanks!

  26. hillbilly? i am 20 and run my own business. and good come back man.

  27. no tn the future white folk are gunna be over thrown by all the races they have shit on in history .

  28. 2015 tech my ass more like 2025

  29. I hope you don't need any microchip implanted inside of ya for these.

  30. and they still using keyboard and mouse in office.

  31. who the fuck brushes teeth that much

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