Full…I Built A Pagani Supercar Myself After My Girlfriend Left Me.

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Full…I Built A Pagani Supercar Myself After My Girlfriend Left Me.

We wanted to create a super set of models that recreate the most beautiful supercars in the world so we made a worthy reproduction inspired by the Pagani Huayza supercar of the famous supercar company. Pagani crowd. All of these works we want to create are an inspirational story with dreams and it is not for commercial purposes!

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  1. Previous video We had some technical problems so I will have to re-upload this video. Thank you for watching the video, remember to subscribe to the Channel, like and share to support us.❤❤

  2. 👌 Wow, with all their technical limitations and they were able to achieve this, imagine what they could do if they had access to the technology that car companies have these days. Amazing 👏

  3. ❤ indeed Loved and still need to see and learn more on building vehicles.Congratulations, your devotion to work and never did no evil to anything that disappointed you.Bravo to all who helped in the succession of the desired fruitfulness.

  4. My girlfriend broke up with me because i didnt have money and lived in my parents house. So i built a million dollars digital marketing company and employed her current boyfriend. i'm not here to talk about how i went from $0 to a $7.4million in 4 year. All I'm saying is that with the right multivation, you can do amazing things.