Fugitive Outlaw 3.0 First Day No Man's Sky Interceptor Stream

Fugitive Outlaw 3.0 First Day No Man's Sky Interceptor Stream

Fugitive Outlaw 3.0 First Day No Man’s Sky Interceptor Stream

This is the 3.0 Fugitive Outlaw…


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  1. I received one of those radio diaries years ago and took it pretty seriously, filling it out for a week or ten days, whatever it was. It was for a station I listened to a lot anyway (maybe why they picked me), and I knew its importance to them, so I was pleased to help. I love your NMS content, I’m always learning new stuff. Liked and subscribed. Good luck on 200,000!

  2. "Outlaw Stations: Traffic in and out is only possible with a Solar Ship!" seems a bit limiting, would not think Outlaw station bothered what ship you are in.

  3. Eat ur farts, its all u need to survive!

  4. Someone needs to count the times Jason has died to hostile plants….

  5. Well you got the luck of the draw for your run. My attempt at this is going much slower; Very cold planet, took almost 2 hours to find the first unknown building. Still plodding away though.

  6. "-Outlaw Stations: Traffic in and out is only possible with a Solar Ship!"

    Does this mean you cant enter an Outlaw Station until you own a solar ship? Im doing this challenge and I bought a shuttle off a landing pilot. I left and found a pirate system, am I not able to dock at the station until I have a solar ship? Seems quite specific and excessive if so.

  7. Bro how many times are you going to restart this play through?

  8. I agree that an option for un-pinning locations would be a really nice qol.

  9. You should always land at crashed freighters. It costs no fuel to land there and look around.

  10. Just an FYI, abandoned and airless planets are classed the same. No ships and no graves.

  11. Jason, you are not old lol I’m pushing hard on 70 and I don’t even see myself as old and besides we are the edge of having very long lives … That is if I live. Long enough 😏

  12. I must say, the death was unexpected. Sort of.

  13. Found a grave; sadly, it was yours! Dang it! Better luck this run.

  14. So I started a fugitive 3.0 run. I was on a toxic planet and I found 5 glyphs before finding my crashed ship. I got a stack of 12 pod locators and 1 was located 10 hours away on foot. So I couldn't use the locators I found. I think I found my crashed ship about 8 or 9 hours away from the pod I was headed to. After getting crashed ship a short time later found monolith, got portal location… jumped to center. My warp drive was only capable of about 100 LYs. Warping into a system there was a space fight going on just 2 ships. I decided to try to flee because just a pew pew cannon wasn't good enough for these pirate raiders. I managed to get into planet atmosphere and that way only was I able to kill and shoot down those punks, lol. So I fatefully decided to look for dissonant system. I get there and I can't find the corrupt planet. (no echo locators) I haven't been to any space station –none. As I don't have solar I am not using any forged passports. I am about 4000 LY's from the center. So I am in this system looking for corrupt planet flying around. Still have my stack of 12 pod locators, a scan starts then three of the pirate punks descend on my location. All I got is a pew pew cannon, these punks are flying into me and jet cruising around me like I am driving a C class spy balloon. I have a good amount of sodium and I blow thru that like crusty 1 day old cheddar cheese. I some how say to myself I am going to fight if I die I will go down in NMS glory I manage to kill 2 of these punks. I disappear into a thick as molasses asteroid belt and flee the third pirate punk. My shields are down, I got 2 more clicks of health I drop down to uranium type planet, death flashing before my eyes. My ship bemoaning what just occurred. Currently I have managed to repair my ship that is more or less held together with bubble gum and duct tape. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. 11.5 hours in and about 4000 LY's away from VICTORY.

  15. Well, after seeing you find so many ancient navigation stone thingys. And having had the experience myself, I’m believing that the fossil planets may be responsible. Because I also had a bunch of those navigation stones on a fossil planet.

  16. It is worth it to stop at crash fighters because they give you repair kits don't they?

  17. Jason playin' NMS for six hours. A man of focuse, commitment and sheer fckn' will.

  18. When are u going to do a let's play where u use your starter ship? Not everybody likes to watch you run around on a planet for a couple hours looking for a ship, Granted I won't watch all of your videos regardless but I would love to see one where you actually used you're a starter ship.

  19. What if the Apple emoji makes a link to Isaac Newton… meaning something to do with gravity

  20. Checks to see if bob is on Holiday to confirm update LOL

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