French football referee banned after kicking out!

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French football referee banned after kicking out!

French referee Tony Chapron has been suspended after kicking out at a player, and then bizarrely sending him off, during Sunday’s (14th January) French Ligue-1 match between Nantes and Paris-St Germain. (Video: SNTV). Read:
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  1. If this was the English premier league, the ref would get a payrise and get protected by Sky Sports Pundits. With the PGMOL asking the FA to fine the player and Manager, just to keep them silent. The media would spin it in favour of the referee.
    So well handled by the French FA.

  2. Qatar has been proven to use all means, including making referee Nasrullo Kabirov part of the match-fixing Mafia that is obedient to the Qatar Football Mafia. AFC U-23 2024

    Just stop with this comedy tournament. Give the 2024 AFC U23 Champion trophy directly to the King of the Qatar Mafia!

    AFC = Academy Fulus Conedy !!

  3. In the original video the Italian player who kicked the ref was acting like a 3 year old. His teammate carried him like a toy. But the ref didn’t fall and took it like a champ. The ref is such a chad.

  4. football is boring, cricket is better. football is cringe no tricks easy to play and even kid can be pro while cricket is so entertaining thats why its top sports in india

  5. This is sooo football!! Players get in the refs face all the time and act like their all hard and everything. The player pushes the ref over and the ref kicks him back, the player gets what he deserved. But instead of shrugging it off, he cried like a baby…. hahahaha