Freetown Sierra Leone Beauty.

Freetown Sierra Leone Beauty.

This video shows the beauty of Freetown Sierra Leone that people hardly see on western…


  1. Logo vocês chegam no nordeste do Brasil =)

  2. Congratulations for your national holiday on 27th April Sierra Leone from your friends in Germany <3 Sierra Leone is a beaufitul country with nice landscape, charming people and such a nice culture. I´m really proud to call you our friends. Best wishes for the future from your friends in Germany <3

  3. Hassan tarawly ameer tableegh

  4. I am from Pakistan visit Sierra Leon in 1996 to97 from Freetown to ka bia by road

  5. São Miguel Quixeramobim Ceará n

  6. São Miguel Quixeramobim Ceará b

  7. São Miguel Quixeramobim Ceará m

  8. No place like home 🇸🇱
    🥰😍❤️ Lion mountain

  9. Freetown i have never been there before but i think it's the best city and best ppl in all africa
    I will do my best to spend rest of my life there 😍
    Your brother memo from libya

  10. Beautiful blue sea and fresh greenish vegetations, Land that we love; love, unity, peace, freedom and justice for all. Salon. if only we can practicalize a fraction slogans of our quotes of arm, Sierra Leone will surely be a paradise on earth.

  11. Salone da we countre, ting go betteh one day

  12. Well I am Not A Western Citizen ,Iam from India .
    But Sierra Leone is peaceful Place to live . I love this.
    But iam worrying due to its Ports it would be in Western vision .
    But We need some Development.

  13. Our nice-looking beautiful city.
    But in SL, we've lots more to be done to make our cities more attractive.

  14. Pertin de jão pessoa kkkkk

  15. I think I'm in love. And found my new place

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