Fraud Or Nah: Who K!*lled Dharmie Richie? Kemi Olunloyo Again, Davido Still Loves Chioma?

Fraud Or Nah: Who K!*lled Dharmie Richie? Kemi Olunloyo Again, Davido Still Loves Chioma?


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  1. My dear are sounding like Mercy. Surpose thisman can't feed. Himself in a day why don't you girls check and becare ful neyyourtoto day ripe pass rubbish.

  2. You see this blessing CEO the numbers of girls she will mislead ehn… Only God will save men from girls like this

  3. I have saved over a million

  4. Useless women and useless governors husband shameless foolish governors with their shameless families they will pay with their blood 🩸. Spending Nigerian money any how

  5. Relationship don turn business/prostitution. Or na poverty ?? Am bringing my self to you but you have to pay for delivery 😂😂😂

  6. Question of the day, below 500k thousand

  7. Tell Blessing that applies to dating in Nigeria, hungry girls all over the place. Even if you’re dating a student here she has her car and money. Giving her money after a date is so disrespectful to a lady.

  8. 😂😂😂Just imagine the wives of American governors traveling to Nigeria to present a birthday cake to Biden’s wife if she relocated to Nigerian because of insecurity in America 😂😂

  9. Saving nor be for person when neva chop oo

  10. These Anambra boys are dumb for them to be claiming that it was Arusi( Deity) money. I have always said that Nigerian yahoo boys/men are dumb.

  11. In europe women pay their own fares, Nigerian women are alway depending on men for everything

  12. blessing okoro talking rubbish, Any time a lady comes to yr house asking yu money for money transportation every time that lady doesn't love yu, if yu are the one giving her willy is ok, in abroad here a lady will never ask yu money for transport fare, only in naija things like that happen…

  13. Thanks for the video Abra … QOTD: Depends on what currency … in naira 7 million plus , pounds 9k plus

  14. Blessing Okoro Statement: assuming men are more in population than women in our society today, there would hv been big problem. Women would hv taken men in relationship as their toys

  15. It's good as a man to give a lady transport fare but Blessing won't just know where to draw the line, making it look like s*x is a favor to us men. Isn't it a mutual something anymore? I can't even force myself when you don't want it. It's a big turn off. Women been pretending like they are doing us a favor, yet we have women who are s*x addict

  16. A real woman feel more SECURED with her own money, getting money from your man should be extra remember, it's equal rights, a woman giving a man money should also be a thing, please don't listen to this blessing Okoro girl, relationships and marriages only survive when both partners have common interests.

  17. Thank you for the update Abraham.
    QOTD: na person wey get money dey save 😅

  18. You guys are still sleeping later una go Dey form big big grammar

  19. That laugh after gran pe news just make me laugh too

  20. God wey create that pu**y how much de balance mugu

  21. Na person wa get money Dey save

  22. I know Davido and Chioma still love each, I personally would love to see them back together, they're young and no relationship is all sweet and honey but they will reunite and marry still.

  23. Mr Man becarful what you say here on your social media Azza man means Burundi change and try not to put fraud on it Mr Man make one way they vex no go get u that's all collect the advice

  24. I think this blessing is highly depressed o. She's always talking from her yansh. No sense. I pity her followers 🙄.

  25. Chop life geng 😜🤣

  26. So na only men go dey provide for woman? Your head no correct, stupid motivational speaker. Be dat say Blessing carry belle out of wedlock? Dey deceive people up and down.

  27. After killing him u want money..go to his grave and collect the money..

  28. I receive more than 1 million a month so

  29. Is even cheaper to fly him with his private jet, he only need to buy fuel and his got his pilot on stand by …him paying the jeweler flight ticket is more simply as that..



  31. Above 1 Million Naira, But I'm a student in Germany

  32. Listening to him say he cried when they stole his money.. like he didnt steal the same money from somewhere else 😩😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Above something K 😂 someone is waiting to laugh at my savings 😂

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