France escalation fears: French ambassador to UN expresses concerns

The United Nations Security Council has repeatedly struggled to come to any kind of consensus on the war on Gaza and failed to pass any resolution calling for a ceasefire. This month, the Presidency of the council passes to France.

Al Jazeera’s Diplomatic Editor, James Bays speaks to the French ambassador to the UN about the war on Gaza, the…



  1. France is scrambling n looks like govnt is not able to exert much pressure or influence. The fact that he refuses to make a call on Lebanese SOVEREIGNTY is very telling. It justifiés all kinds of illegal intervention on the part of Israel. And Al -Jazeera is nailing France and they are FAILING. They no longer have any juice here it appears. France is racist n just keeps parroting Israeli talking points. Embarrasing. Bravo Al-Jazeera for asking the right questions ! Shame on France. Omg…such a powerless nation. Kicked out of Niger. Pffft. Losers

  2. France should be understan that Palestinians has same right to free their own Land from the Occupational terrorist State of Israel. By Supporting terrorist State of Israel is absolutely wrong. In my personal Opinion that France should favour through talk's for two States Solution which is the only way for Lasting Peace in the Middle East, Hope and pray for early establishment of Independent State of Palestine, Amen.

  3. The world understands why the warmongers doesn't want to see a regional war because they will be the likely losers ,imagine the sudden disappearance of all arab kings and presidents. Why this idiot didn't mentioned the 75 years of jewish terrorism, the world is no fool or vile liar like you.

  4. What an A-Hole, still defending the assault on Gaza saying again like the other leaders, "Israel have have the right to defend It self". SHAME on u French Hitler, Shame on France, Shame!!!!

  5. HYPOCRITES. They one thing AND do another. Notice how they ganged up on Russia. Well, if the world didn't isolate and sanctioned Apartheid South Africa, it would have still continued its policy. These guys ACTUALLY supply Israel weapons to kill Palestinians.

  6. Oh, and thank you France for helping Israel to gain nuclear capability. You should be so proud! Shame on you for being so short sighted. Is this escalation that you and your very sick supporters have always wanted?

  7. As you mentioned,, right of self defence,, does it only applicable for Israel,,? Don't see Gaza's rights in place,,
    other than humanitarian aid,,
    What do you say,,France,,?

  8. We have escalation because of the COMPLICITY granted by US, Canada, Germany, France …you have all granted IMPUNITY to a reprehensible arrogant murderous regime. Stop your delusional stance regarding Israeli’s right to “defend” itself. My God, how blind you remain! France, until you wake up to reality, cease your complicity and stop focusing on “symptoms”, your words ring hallow! The root causes of the absolute horror in Gaza and for escalation is right before your eyes. For God sake, wake up – stop being brain washed! Stop being an automaton!

  9. Here we go again on and on and on. Many Oct 7’s have been done to the Palestinians since 1948 and they haven’t been given the right to defend themselves after thousands of attacks and land robbery. Arabs are also Semitic people. The West simply sucks bunch of bullies, cowards and money making machines through wars. This is simply an illegal war, a genocide and the worst holocaust ever inflicted on civilians, it has nothing to do with the right to defend themselves, shameful they keep repeating rapes when there’s no proof of it. The killings on OCT 7 in the Kibbutz happened at the hands of terrorist but also IDF soldiers who also killed jews and terrorist and launched grenades into Kibbutz’ homes. As a requirement in their military training.

  10. "An Iranian warship patrolling this area" As if the US didn't send a Warship immediately to the region as well totally out of their sphere of influence ,oh thats right they have the divine authority to threatem any area of the planet they want silly me.

  11. He simply meant that Now izrael is escalating battles but no revengeful or retaliatory activity from Hamas in Palestine, Hezbollah in Lebanon and Iran.
    He will also not accept that Izrael is escalating war to the level of genocide


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