Former First lady Getting Slapped At An Inauguration Goes Viral

Former First lady Getting Slapped At An Inauguration Goes Viral

Wongel Zelalem reports on the ‘farewell’ slap Bianca Ojukwu gave to the wife of former governor Willie Obiano on Thursday at Charles Soludo’s inauguration has got many Nigerians talking on social media – Twitter and…


  1. well all the people of the country should have a turn to SLAPPED both of them!

  2. I guess everyone is going to be slapped for being disrespectful this year.🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

  3. What The Hell!!!
    I mean..

  4. Terrible! Absolutely terrible!!

  5. But they won't slap those Asians and Whites who are controlling their resources

  6. Spam ! How about blocking people who disrespect her delivery of the message hey , the people who is claiming she is good baby making material as a mother I would be crying after all the work I have invested in her education character and morals to be a prodigy representative of my ancestors laborers.
    That is an insult and heinous remark for any women to be patronize her on her private exchange , not rewarding her on her professional performance or are your considering that to be a comment of beauty. Amazing 🤩

  7. Sad! Two fine @$$ women tearing each other down.
    Seems like they need some TLC.
    This is when husbands should step up to keep their minds off of petty issues.

  8. Both ladies are very Unprofessional and Nasty!!! You don’t have to hear both sides!

  9. The Wig is taken off the head.

  10. What you all going to do about your leaders .🤔 Waiting

  11. 😱 the sisters don't be playing around! 😱. Did you see her pull her hair back and get into a boxing stance! 🤣😂

  12. All awhile their people stuck in the Ukkkraine.

  13. Do you know who I am!!!??😂😅😅😅😅Niraland folks

  14. Nooooooo, don't tell me ratchetness is also a part of Nigeria's immaculate culture. 😜😁🤣 As if that's news to anyone

  15. Class and dignity are far from Africans, even the African dignitaries need help in defining the moment…

  16. Zero decency and self respect..

  17. It's an uncivilized behavior on both sides and should not be encouraged. These type of videos are seen all over the globe, so we should not justify what the mzungu people think of black people as uncivilized.

  18. We could expect this in North America, not there!

  19. women are vicious toward each other, some show no mercy when willing to himiliate their opponents. I have watched two girls, I was like damnnnn!I must step in quick 😂The dominant girl was almost like tried to kill other.

  20. Can someone says g-to AF???

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