Former Economic Minister Of France Blames President Macron For Waking Up Africans

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Former Economic Minister Of France Blames President Macron For Waking Up Africans

Wongel Zelalem reports on former economic minister of France Thierry Breton blaming President Macron for waking up Africans.



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  1. It’s clear that the Europeans, arabs and some Asians don’t care about Africa! Allah/GOD will make it right! He will lead us to the straight path to a strong, independent and prosperous beautiful future of our African continent

  2. Just like US, they will never succeed , or be successful in power that they need, their mission to rule the whole world will ever fail because they do not do what God wants them to do when leading , instead they oppress and treat other nations with a cruel mind, that's not God's plan.

  3. This is surprising, most colonist see Africans as their slaves. Stop your ignorance. We have to stop deluding ourselves, we black Americans know who our enemy is. We were their slaves and some still see us as their slaves

  4. Look how long they have been pointing fingers at African countries, saying how poor and hungry they are, and how they NEED the help from the west when they were the ones needing help, but instead of creating mutual agreements for all, they choose to denegrate and belittle all of the continent. African people were too generous and welcoming. Do not invite the snake in. Once removed, never allow them back in because it is his nature to bite and poison. Close the entry point.


  6. There one video a general French who said European got go back put on there colonizers hat take it back his name is general Lecointre video online

  7. One person said , once Africans wakes up they’ll start writing their own history. Let them dream because revolution has started in Africa and we’re writing our own story without them

  8. I thank God seriously for macron because GOD used him to open and clear our eyes, Africa needs proper radical revolution to seize our destiny by ourselves, enough is enough

  9. African needs to unite and become one close their borders to the west and charge them like they charge us to even enter. I wouldn't let them in at all! Unite stay awake! The reason they hate the word woke so much is because it means to be aware of one situation, to no longer be in a dream or nightmare like state. To know without doubt who your friends and enemies are and to take proper actions, that is why they hate the term woke. Get rid of all of your corrupt leaders in government and churches! If Africa can unite it will become a recognized world power even though you already are but without the exploitation of your people and riches. Please remember who you were before they whitewashed you. Remember your kings and queens. Unearthed them and remember. Also it's real annoying how some of you bow to yt people stop it! They're NOT better than you quit treating them like they are. Peace

  10. I do not agree with him, Macron is not responsible for the awakening of Africa, it is the Western extreme rights, not only in France, it is everywhere in the West.

  11. Their children are so lazy and do nothing but drink coffee wine and cheese they work for nothing but given everything. It’s time for them to work for their bread nothing but molesters and Peeves

  12. We are still sleeping, Africa needs good leadership lacks leaders who are patriotic enough.once we learn to love ourselves as Africans then we will move far. Self hate in Africans is massive

  13. Observation: African eyes have been open ever since as demonstrated by independence and revolutionary struggles.

  14. Narcissists politicians language because they have no empathy, no compassionate, lack of emotional feelings in their blood lineages, africans blacks continent have studied their hearts and mindsets from génesis to revolutions, africans continent are ready to do the dirty work against the France and the western world an enemies of development and progress of Africans blacks continent does not deserve any pity enough is enough.

  15. Nooooo. Africans have known all along. We knew why many great African leaders were murdered.
    The Western civilization is built on the ruins and sufferings of Africa.
    Giving Macron the credit is a horrible statement. Lord Chamberlain recognized in the 60s when he stated that: the Africans are coming

  16. There are French embassies in every country.. There are black people in every country following this argument… Put 2 and 2 together 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Africa must be liberated from colonialism and external interference from Europe, America and Britain. Latin America must be liberated from interference from America, Britain and the West. These countries must be independent and not interfered by America, Britain and Europe in order to control oil, gas, uranium, gold and the seas. This is the reality of the year 2019. Biological warfare, Corona virus, these goods must be under the control of the peoples of Africa, not to colonialism, not to colonialism, America, Britain, the European countries, and the merchants who ruled the world. These are the basis of genocide. These are the ones who founded these wars and crimes on the face of the earth for the sake of domination

  18. Indigenous families all over our earth, indeed it is time for us to rise and reclaim our earth for healing. This foreign enemy who has NO land to claim from Israel to Africa to America .Stand UP. The time of Evil is done.