Footage of Sam Larry MOCKING Mohbad Deàth & Bribe To All Police Station To Close Mohbad Case Surface

Footage of Sam Larry MOCKING Mohbad Deàth & Bribe To All Police Station To Close Mohbad Case Surface

After Begging Nigerians He Is Innocent, Sam Larry Mockery Conversation of MOHBAD Surface As Lil Smart Reveals What Marlians Boys Came To Do To Him..


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  1. Sam Larry, you wan laugh?Abi you dey whine me ni?

  2. All this keeps going higher because the Nigeria 🇳🇬 police 🚔 force are fully behind the evil 😈 people in the country that's why you see 👀 them committing crimes when and wherever they want cause they have the law in their pockets already. This is why you see killings in America 🇺🇸 like water 💧 cause almost every individual has a gun 🔫 because they cannot rely on the system. Sooner or later people will start buying personal guns 🔫 to protect their selves from people like this beasts Sam Larry, Zino and Naira marley.

  3. You're fooling people around with your fake videos by growing more followers and hoping on the stipend that comes with it. Let's keep on praying for mohbad spirit to be safe from the punishment of the grave. Amin Kufayakun 🙏. Rip Ajilomoto crooner 🚓

  4. If the nigerian police say they didn't see any reason to put that naira marley and devil called Larry in prison,the nigeria police force they all bastard liars corrupt haeds leaders and dead

  5. He just started with lies… What type of love did he had for mohbad? By harassing him everywhere he sees him around town?? Madness

  6. His holding his laughter or am I the only one seeing this.

  7. Nah all of u will be cursing the president, if Sammy or naira become president e go worst pass this nah. U don make it ooo but u will both die shamelessly inshallah even zino because zino know about this . Zino is goin to die next let see in the next 2years mark my words

  8. Them dey use big hand slap small face. Them larry doesn't want any new artists to blow without their consent. Thats bad ooo

  9. Guy you dey lie for yourself..😡😡😡😡

  10. Amadioha will clear your families

  11. You people froced a boy to drink substances and dumped him in the hospital with out any treatment. No wahala God dey.

  12. Sammy Larry go collect ,he don price and he must pay

  13. This idiot said mohbad is his friend and when he went to attack zlatan and mohbad and he was saying this one cannot cannot go eleyi ole lo are you f**king with us

  14. Nigeria is a yeye country where ordinary people have been traumatised and oppressed by oppressors

  15. Abi marlians, dey will soon come out say dis dey on colos too

  16. 30gb signed people are looking fresh, but why is marlians signed people are looking for frustrated with all the money they get?

  17. What causes fight between you and mohbad

  18. Why are you people disturbing themselves, Naira Marley is a criminal and a gangster whom must have been killing right from London

  19. Sam lary only your pinking go surface
    na lie dis man day lie

  20. Update more on Lil smart videos

  21. Una wicked Larry and Marley buh God will ask u both

  22. Sammy Larry na wicked person,no be better person at all

  23. This boy (sam) is mohbad enemy, i don't want to even know, even if he is innocent police suppose hold am for the petition first😣

  24. Naira Marley n sam larry your death people already including your families n unborn generation

  25. Una just mohbad for no reason I swear na una kil am

  26. From the way him dey talk self you go no say him get hand inside……… Rubbish guy

  27. Sammy larry must pay for what is price that's all

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