FINDING IFE (Full Movie) Chinenye Nnebe/Juliet Njemanze/Darlington 2022 Movies | Nigerian Movie 2022

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FINDING IFE (Full Movie) Chinenye Nnebe/Juliet Njemanze/Darlington 2022 Movies | Nigerian Movie 2022

FINDING IFE (Full Movie) Chinenye Nnebe/Juliet Njemanze/Darlington 2022 Movies | Nigerian Movies 2022


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  1. What a dumb plot. No mother would walk off and leave an infant like that. And then don't call the police. Nollywood please focus on making good movies, not money.

  2. Wonderful movie!! Mom may have gone in shock when she heard about her husband’s accident and loosing her child but she never forgot to pray. God Be The Glory!!! I hope the doctor eventually gets her own child added to her new Godchild!! 💕💕💕🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Parents at all times please be attentive to your children, it doesn't matter how old they are. Because a blink of the eyes and they could be missing. I am pleased it is a blessed ending. Excellent movie.

  4. Love the movie but I w was mad at the mom the whole time. Such a long movie because she should have focused instead to running around, leaving her belongings & not going to the police

  5. When her child were stolen she should of gone to the police immediately l know she is in a lot of pain but why she keep calling her baby's name as if the child will understand and answer the only person she should be communicating with is the police they are playing this very strange

  6. Very disappointed in this move. You mean to tell me someone sold your child, it was not reported to the police right away, no family members are told the child was stolen. Does not show people what do do when something like this happens. I guess it just a movie and that's it. Oh well

  7. Wow mama thanks again you are always giving us the best l really enjoyed this great movie mama💯💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️

  8. Am even getting upset for dis movie deh baby is in deh house give deh baby to deh mother dat deh mother is going crazy dat deh police are on it looking for deh child wat movie is dis one to again😏

  9. Mama Uche, your creative genius was again displayed in this movie. The twist in the story taking the mother exactly where her baby was- that was great. Thank you also for showing us how easy it is for someone to take our child in a split second. The mother playing her role as a distraught mother was so real. Chibuiken was so lovingly real in this movie. I am happy he did not die. Chinenye’s role as a doctor showed in her acting that she is growing up- those glasses really made her look professional. Overall, the story, acting, producing etc make it a very enjoyable movie to watch. Thank you.

  10. This movie we teach all of us how to take care of our kids before any other thing I was so angry when the baby was missing but we thank God that the mother finally have the baby back I'm so happy and I'm so grateful this movie is so interesting I'm always happy to watch Uche Nancy movie

  11. I was so angry when the baby get missing because she should not take a phone call more important than her child. She left the child alone on top of the car. Can a good mother behave like this. The baby deserves a mother that can care him or her.