FINALLY travelled to the VILLAGE | Met YouTubers' BIGGEST SUPPORTER | Dance-off

FINALLY travelled to the VILLAGE | Met YouTubers' BIGGEST SUPPORTER | Dance-off

Hi Fam👋🏼
In this vlog, my sisters-in-law and I, travelled down to our village, Nnewi, in…


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  1. The kids are just so nice and friendly like their Dad

  2. Wow your mother in law she's fun

  3. Lovely video, I missed your Nnewi Christmas vlogs ❤️

  4. May Mama’s soul keep finding rest with the Lord as she sleeps with the saints in heaven till the resurrection morning

  5. This lovely man @Chibuike is an exceptional example of how people should live. NJ does the same too. Support others in their endeavours and watch how God will support and bless you in return🙏 interesting video, really enjoyed watching❤️💕🥰

  6. My NJ Bby happy New year 💕

  7. You mother in law is so beautiful I love har she looks so youthful

  8. Nj look so much like her dad

  9. Abeg give money to our masquerades. They keep our culture alive. Support them.

  10. Chibuike Ulasi is a good man.

  11. Chibuikem children are so beautiful. I am glad they could experience the village at Christmas time.

  12. Kaiii your mother in law can dance o. She no day gree at all. She's just so sweet. You guys really had fun👍🥰❤

  13. The relationship between you and your mum in-law is amazing. May God Keep her in good health. Meeting family during Christmas 🥰🥰🥰 is all love

  14. Wow, YouTube chief daddy! Such a pleasant person, always dropping beautiful comments. His kids are just as pleasant as him

  15. Actually, she enjoyed her Xmas
    Trip to Nnewi with Chinenye and Onyi. She enjoyed the Ofeakwu I cooked.

  16. Iron lady the mama. You keep entertaining us. I could not laughing. The mama giving us vibes 💙❤🤗😘🥰

  17. Hi Naya. You are so cute .And Estefani is a beautiful lady and her beautiful children 🤎💚💜❤💙🤗🥰😘

  18. Wow NJ I love how you are bonding with your In-laws that's so sweet and awesome. Stay blessed dear

  19. Nj you are such a wonderful person a lady with a beautiful heart and smile..Mummy Nj ,ezinne may God almighty continue to bless you and your beautiful children and grandchildren .It feels so good to meet Mr chibuike and his beautiful family from all the way,may God almighty bless you and the family. May God almighty grant you guys journey mercies back to your base. I just love his beautiful children . Hi Dad , our Daddy, Nj's Dad. May God almighty bless you and your lovely family and preserve your lives in Jesus name Amen🙏🏼 Mummy CC Nj's mother in-law may God almighty bless you and your beautiful children. Thank you Lord for all your children. Nj may the good Lord bless you and smile on you in Jesus name Amen Amen Amen 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙌🙌🙌🤎💚💜❤💙💜❤🤗🥰😘

  20. Wow so nice seeing Sir Chibuike Ulasi. He's so supportive.

  21. The way I was smiling while watching this volg ehn. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Nj😃😃😃
    Happy New Year🎉

    Awwww I’m excited to see Chibuike Ulasi feature with his beautiful family.;
    He has such a good heart and an adorable family 😃🤗

  23. Your Dad so happy to see you.

  24. Your vlogs make this boring abroad Christmas fun..

  25. Wow so good to see Mr chibuike.. I knew he is from Nnewi from his surname. Very soon we would meet too in Nnewi @NJ😀

  26. Aunty Nj I'm in Nnewi and I'd love love to meet you😭😭😩

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